Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #179

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch

Story 'The Goblin's Always Greener...!'

Flying away with the Web-Slinger, the Green Goblin apologizes for preventing him from getting to his Aunt May. "...consider her a casualty of war ... As soon as I deliver you to the heads of this city's underworld, my dream will be realized...and the Green Goblin will become crime-boss of all New York!"

Some of the current crime lords have other ideas. Lying in wait, Silvermane's men open fire with a bazooka, damaging the Goblin's glider and causing him to drop Spider-Man. Cursing his luck, the Goblin flees. Spider-Man manages to tear through the polymer plastic he's trapped in, but he lands hard.

The Goblin is still cursing when he gets to his hideout. Putting aside his damaged glider, he gets another one from the equipment room. Telling the bound figure that Silvermane is going to pay for this indignity, the Goblin prepares to leave once more. He pats his captive on the head. "It's all right, my friend -- I'll be coming back to you! Now don't you feel better?" When the figure doesn't respond, the Goblin slaps him. "Answer me when I ask you a question, you micro-cephalic moron! The Green Goblin will not be ignored! I covered your face because I couldn't bear to look at it, fool! Make me angry, and I may simply remove your face at the neck!"

Peter Parker races into the hospital and signs the release forms for his aunt's surgery. When the surgery is over, the doctors announce success. J. Jonah Jameson celebrates by demanding Peter cover a developing story. There are rumors of a riot at Radio City Music Hall. Leaving, Peter promises he'll be back before his aunt wakes up. "This time, tiger -- you'd better be!" says an irate Mary Jane. When Peter arrives at Radio City, he discovers the reports are not exaggerate. A full-blown fracas between the Goblin and Silvermane's men is in progress. Grabbing Silvermane and flying off with him, the Goblin warns Spider-Man away. "You should be grateful, Web-Slinger! After all, I'm letting you live ... for now!"

Grabbing the Goblin's glider with a web line, Spider-Man swings up, trying to rescue Silvermane. His extra weight sends the glider out of control. "Now you've really done it, you fool!" snarls the Goblin. "We're falling!! And from this height, not one of us is likely to survive!!"

"Which makes it a really lousy time for my webbing to snap under the strain!" thinks Spider-Man. "It was the only thing that stood between us and oblivion!"

Meanwhile, back at the Goblin's hideout, the hooded figure has been patiently working at the ropes which bind him. They finally snap. The figure rips off his hood --

"And leave us face it, folks: after all this time in helpless captivity ... Harry Osborn is furious!! And he intends to do something about it!"

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch