Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #38 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


Spider-Man 2099 met Venom 2099 and things didn't work out too well. Let's just say there was no Dana D'Angelo 2099 spinoff series.

Story 'Silent Scream'

Spider-Man clutches the lifeless body of Dana in his arms. Xina and some SHIELD officers watch over him. As one officer tries to get Spider-Man to let her go, Spider- Man punches him in the face shield. His partner gets the officer to back off and give Spidey some space.

Conchata hears the news of Dana's death on the news. Gabriel comes in the door, unaware of the tragedy. He sees the broadcast's images of Dana and Spider-Man, and impulsively punches the screen. He storms out of Conchata's home.

The Public Eye alters the citizens that Venom is on the loose, while Miguel demands answers from the people at Alchemax on how to take down Venom. A co-worker says they have a piece of Venom contained that was found in the outer office. Miguel goes to study it.

Downtown, Kasey Nash runs for her life. Vulture 2099 is in pursuit and claws through a wall to get her. Meanwhile, Tyler Stone regains consciousness. Jake Gallows (Punisher 2099) is there, sent by President Doom, to handle the investigation. He tells Tyler that Dana is "resting."

While examining the piece of the Venom symbiote, Miguel observes a response from it resulting from sound. He orders more tests, while Xina Kwan comes to see him, full of emotions over the intense and tragic events. Miguel is less than supportive, as he resumes his research into the symbiote. Here, the learns his hypothesis is supported that the alien is averse to sound.

Downtown, as Vulture flies off with Kasey, an energy beam knocks Vulture hard, causing him to drop Kasey. A mysterious winged figure (to be named as the Goblin 2099) claims Kasey is "off limits" as he catches Kasey, and knocks Vulture down.

In the streets above, Venom is in anguish by the sounds Miguel arranged to be broadcast through the public speakers. Venom falls to the ground, trying to identify the source. Spider-Man drops down from the sky and pounds him. Venom, weakened by the soundwaves, cannot hold his ground. As everyone watches on their video screens, Spider-Man extends his talons ready to finish him off. Suddenly, he realizes that Venom is a symbiote attached to a human host. The host cries for mercy. Spider-Man almost has a change of heart until, he remembers that it just killed Dana. He pounces again, and starts to strangle Venom. The symbiote slithers off Venom's face. Miguel looks surprised to see... TO BE CONTINUED!

General Comments

Another excellent story continuing the momentum of the previous issue. Spider- Man's passion over the death of Dana has parallels to the Heroic Age's Spider-Man's reaction after the death of Gwen Stacy. It was good to see Miguel letting out some feelings, as he has been frequently guarded emotionally up to now. Introducing Goblin 2099 in the midst of all this chaos sets the stage for the next round of fun. The story was well coupled by the art team of Wildman and Baskerville.

Overall Rating

An excellent issue with a fine teaser to lure you into Issue #39. Who is the Goblin 2099? Who's the host of Venom 2099?

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)