Spider-Man 2099 #38 (Story 2)


After a break for a few issues, we get another quick segment in the "Young Miguel" backup story sequence.

Story 'Young Miguel O'Hara in Hasta La Vista'

Kron Stone has been expelled. He still has the audacity to mouth-off to his father for not clearing his name at the trial. Tyler orders his son to pack his bag and walks outside. There he sees Miguel and Xina. Taking Miguel on the side, Tyler explains that Kron is a difficult child. Miguel is quick to turn the blame back on having a difficult father. Tyler apologizes and the two shake hands, saying he'll be "keeping an eye on your...son." Little does Miguel realize that Tyler is indeed his true father.

General Comments

This take briefly advanced the plot where finally we see a little justice. Note: Miguel's hair was incorrectly colored blonde.

Overall Rating

There was so little substance, I can't give it more than two and a half webs.