Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #39

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


Pretty serious stuff going on. Venom just killed Dana. He's been captured by Spider-Man and contained at Alchemax. Conchata appeared to have committed suicide, but she changed her mind at the last minute. A new Goblin is on the scene in Downtown, protecting Kasey.

Story 'Brother's Keeper (2099)'

Miguel walks through the halls of Alchemax towards Venom, irritated by the new formalities that come with leadership. Kron Stone and the symbiote are separated and contained behind forcefields. Kron has been giving Alchemax a hard time being forthcoming with information. Mig asks his co-workers to leave him alone with Kron. He challenges Kron to a fight wagering either he lets him walk free or Kron must answer everything. Miguel mops the floor with Kron's face, showing no mercy. Miguel's co-workers return, shocked for find how cooperative (and battered) Kron has become.

Downtown, the Goblin shows up at Kasey's place. The Goblin wants to make sure the Vulture has been leaving Kasey alone. He proclaims there a new order in Downtown that'll reclaim what Alchemax has taken. Kasey is left intrigued

Miguel heads home to his insensitive hologram and heads over to Xina's place (wearing his repaired costume.) Dana is feeling survivor's guilt over Dana. The tension that was there between them has faded in the aftermath of Dana's murder.

The Goblin meanwhile meets up with the Vulture. Looks like they are in collusion. Vulture notes that the Goblin has some special interest in Kasey..perhaps too much interest?

At Alchemax, Miguel is visited by Father Jennifer, a female priest from Downtown. She reveals that she's Dana's sister, and hasn't spoken to her for several years. She came to find out what happened. Miguel and Father listen to Kron confess his story. He was all but killed by the Punisher and left floating down the sewer. His body brushed up against the dormant Venom symbiote that had been mutating for years. The symbiote merged with him and healed Kron's wounds. Soon he found a homeless man, killed him, and left his ID with the body so that the world would think Kron Stone was dead. While they adapted to the new arrangement, the hid in the sewers. But when news of Tyler Stone shooting hit, Kron came out to try to complete the murder.

Father Jennifer leaves, and Miguel gets a call from Gabriel. Gabe wants Spider- Man to come Downtown urgently. While web slinging, the Goblin approaches from behind.

General Comments

Peter David has moved the plot into an interesting new direction. The introduction of the Goblin had me curious and interested. Don't know quite what to make of him. Who's side is he on? What's his point? There seemed to be a clear choice as to the identity of the Goblin being Gabriel from the start - especially considering the title. I liked the costume design.

The fight with Kron, after suffering through his bisbehavior in Young Miguel stories, and in the past few issues, was cathartic.

Overall Rating

Overall a gritty solemn with story fine artwork..but not too many laughs these days.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)