New Warriors (Vol. 1) #62

 Lookback: Filling Gaps
 Posted: 2006


When the Jackal released a lethal version of the Carrion virus on a small Pennsylvania town, one of the citizens not only survived, but was transformed into the superhuman known as Helix. His rampage was stopped by the combined powers of the New Warriors and the Scarlet Spider before he was turned over to disguised agents of the Jackal and disappeared. Now, Helix is in New York and it's round two...

Story 'Captives'

  New Warriors (Vol. 1) #62
Summary: Scarlet Spider Joins, Helix from Maximum Clonage
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Evan Skolnick
Pencils: Patrick Zircher
Inker: Andrew Pepoy
Articles: Ben Reilly, Helix

Helix is rampaging through the city, images of the Jackal and Spidercide plaguing him and driving him to fight. Meanwhile, the New Warriors (Justice, Firestar, Speedball and Turbo) try their best to subdue him, only to have him shrug off all of their abilities while growing bigger and more powerful. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Spider enters the scene and momentarily restrains Helix with a dose of impact webbing.

After a quick meet and greet with the Warriors, Scarlet informs them that the medics they gave Helix to in PA were actually agents of the Jackal looking for how he survived the release of the Carrion Virus. He prepares a hypodermic serum that worked on Helix before just as he breaks free of the webs and sends Speedball flying; Helix now looking bigger than ever and still growing.

Meanwhile, Richard Rider has lunch with his girlfriend Laura, talking about his plight to having to adjust to normal life now that he's no longer Nova. And even though he has Laura, he wonders what to do about his super powered girlfriend and former teammate, Namorita. At that time, Namorita is held captive by Admiral Protocol and his legion, being trained and programmed to do his bidding. She manages to escape as they watch the training session for the rest of their "war machines", but instead of recapturing her right away the Admiral wants to watch her performance. She fights through the guards in the secret lair and just about makes it to the exit when they activate her implant chip and knock her out.

Elsewhere, the Warriors and Scarlet aren't fairing much better against Helix as he knocks them about despite their best efforts. During the confusion, the syringe gun Scarlet was carrying gets damaged and is no longer able to deliver the serum. Now not only can't they subdue Helix to administer the sedative, they need to figure out HOW to deliver the sedative as well.

Meanwhile, Carlton Lafroyge (aka Hindsight) leaves his apartment only to be pursued by a girl waiting outside Speedball's apartment, Rina Patel. She rambles on about how she knows he's a Warrior and has visions of the future where Speedball dies. She tries to tell him she needs to tell all the Warriors about her visions, but Carlton tries to deny his membership and ignore her just as Justice calls him over his comm.-badge to prepare a special cell at their base, the Crash-Pad. Carlton crosses the street, distracted by trying to get rid of Rina while talking to Justice just as a truck is about to hit him. Using her ability to timeslip, Rina pushes him out of the way and saves him. Carlton decides to hear her out...later. He instructs her to leave her number under his door and proceeds to the subway. Of course, she follows him.

Back at the battle, Helix just keeps getting bigger and bigger with the Warriors having less and less of an effect on him. Scarlet has the Warriors distract Helix just a bit longer as he gets an idea. While they do their best, he takes the serum and fills up one of his stingers with it. With it reloaded, he rejoins the battle and nails off a shot into a fleshy part in Helix's neck. The serum works again and Helix transforms back into his close-to-normal self. The Warriors transport him back to their base and places him in the cell Hindsight constructed.

As Scarlet is about to leave, the Warriors offer him a place on their team and he accepts. As the Warriors welcome their new member, hatred begins to boil within Helix...and that can only mean trouble for the heroes soon enough.

General Comments

An improvement over the battle that took place in Maximum Clonage: Alpha. The story arc is starting off pretty good and the art is incredible. However, just a couple flaws. For one thing, why is it in the 90s when a character crosses over into another title their looks are slightly altered? Scarlet's design was a bit off compared to his Spider-title appearances.

Also, the ending was a bit rushed with the battle and side-story taking up a good chunk of the issue. So, Scarlet's new affiliation was a quick "come join us" and then it's over. Despite his lack of experience behind the webs, Scarlet is still by nature Spidey, and thus still has the loner instincts that should give him a reason to pause and think about joining a team. But still, a good read.

Overall Rating

Three and a half webs. Some minor nitpicks, but overall a good issue and a good start to Scarlet's career as a New Warrior.

 Lookback: Filling Gaps
 Posted: 2006