New Avengers (Vol. 1) #57

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


Last issue both teams of Avengers we left powerless by Dr. Harrow’s power drainer. Outnumbered by The Crew, how will Norman Osborn talk his way out of this?

Story Details

The issue starts with each of The New Avengers internally monologging their power loss, Luke Cage appears to be having a heart attack. The scene switches to The Wrecker telling Norman Osborn that they will throw in the other Avengers and the power drainer if the deal they had in place with The Hood is still in place with him. Osborn demands his armour back before he makes any decision. With his armour back on, Osborn asks Harrow how he can trust him. Harrow tells him The Crew could kill them all but they won’t, in fact they will surrender to him now, and he’ll show him how he hacked his armour. Osborn tells Harrow to switch off the power dampener and they’ll have a deal. Osborn tells The Crew the deal is in place and for them to kill The New Avengers. Suddenly an Avengers quinjet appears, it’s Mockingbird, she attacks everyone and lands the quinjet and tells The New Avengers to retreat. While the team flies away Osborn goes after the them. Spider-Man jumps out and knocks him down. Daken tells The Dark Avengers he has The New Avengers' scent and he can track them down.

Back in Bayamo, Cuba, The Hood, Madame Masque and Loki talk about The Stones of Norm. The Hood tells Madame Masque it’s not about money it’s about power and uses the stones to restore his powers.

In Brooklyn, The New Avengers take Luke Cage to The Night Nurse. She tells them she cannot help him because of his unbreakable skin. Outside The Dark Avengers have arrived and they demand the surrender of The New Avengers. The New Avengers discuss their options, Luke tells them he will surrender while they escape. Luke leaves the medical centre, Osborn tells him he is under arrest. Luke collapses in the street.

General Comments

Solid story. Aside from Luke Cage ending up in Norman's hands there's no changes. The Crew still have the same deal they had with The Hood and The Hood once again has powers. So were almost back to the begining of the story! That said with Cage now captured and Wolverine in San Francisco it seems it's going from bad to worse for the team. But with the return of original Captain America approaching all hope is not lost yet!

Overall Rating

3 webs, as I said before this story will read easier in one go, not as a monthly.

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)