New Avengers (Vol. 1) #34

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


After returning from Japan The New Avengers have a trust problem. They all agree to meet the following day. During his break Wolverine decides to investigate the Skrull problem and finds something else, the man who wants to be the new Kingpin of crime The Hood.

Story Details

  New Avengers (Vol. 1) #34
Summary: Spider-Man appears
Arc: Part 3 of 'The Trust' (1-2-3-4-5-6)
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Leinil Yu
Cover Art: Dave McCaig

The Hood shoots Wolverine several times, he tells his friend John to meet him later. The Hood shoots Wolverine again only this time its in the crotch, which makes Wolverine even angrier. Suddenly The Hood turns into a demon and beats down Wolverine, then makes a break for it. Wolverine says there are worse places to sit and heal and wonders if it will grow back bigger.

The next morning at Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Dr. Strange is in bed with Linda Carter A.K.A The Night Nurse. She talks about how he's opened his home to strangers. Strange tells her that he should have done more during the war, and this is the least he can do. Meanwhile Clint is talking a shower when Maya walks in, standing there shocked he asks her, "in or out?" she leaves. Later Strange and Iron Fist are talking. Iron Fist talks about his recent adventures and about how sharing his powers with another person weakened him and asks if Strange can stop it. Strange tells him he cannot interfere with the natural order of things, as one day someone will replace him as the new Sorcerer Supreme as someone will become a new Iron Fist.

Spidey, Ronin and Echo walk in. Spidey jokingly confesses he's a Skrull and he wishes there was a way to prove he wasn't. Cage says he can't help how he feels and notes Wolverine didn't come back. Spidey says "Well he is on three teams already". Spidey waits for Cage's response but there's no banter returned. Cage still says that he can't help what he feels. Jessica Jones tells the team that Cage thinks his baby is half Skrull. She tells everyone that he thinks she's a Skrull and he's only saying this because he thinks he's a inadequate husband/father.

Strange says he has been studying and he can cast a spell that will show everyone their true nature, the only thing is the spell has to be done in front of everyone so it could be embarrassing. Everyone agrees to take part but before the spell is cast Cage tells the team the baby's name, its Danielle after Iron Fist A.K.A Daniel Rand. Once the spell is cast everyone's true form is revealed, (I wont say who is who but this issues cover has everyone). During the spell Wolverine returns and tells them about The Hood's plans for Deathlock to attack the Mighty Avengers. The team decide to help them as this will show that they are the true good guys and not just outlaws.

The NA arrive at Stark Tower, Clint says how he misses Jarvis when the Mighty Avengers plus Spider-Woman appear, but they don't see the New Avengers as the city is under attack by Symbiotes. The New Avengers decide to help when a Symbiote attaches itself to Echo...

General Comments

When I first read this issue I was expecting an NA vs Deathlock story but nope we get the trust story resolved and a freaking Symbiote invasion! I don't think Deathlock would be a match for the NA anyway! I really liked this issues cover, its just such an usual line up, but in the context of the story it makes perfect sense. The team is focused and now know what direction it wants to go in.

I can't say anything else new about the creative team so I wont, just keep up the great work. I've just heard that Yu will be pencilling the art on next years big crossover "Secret Invasion" which means he will be leaving the New Avengers soon. I hope he returns after and I also hope NA has a different artist every month just like during Civil war.

Overall Rating

4 webs more of the same but thats not a bad thing. Plus I'm sure the Spider-Woman and Symbiote invasion will be explained once Mighty Avengers gets back on shedule

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)