New Avengers (Vol. 1) #33

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


After discovering Elektra, leader of the Hand was a Skrull after she was killed, the team decided to head home with the body. Meanwhile Iron Man's Mighty Avengers are fighting a reborn Ultron who has just unleashed an EMP, which caused Iron Fist's plane to crash. In the confusion Spider-Woman takes the body and leaves her teammates behind.

Story Details

  New Avengers (Vol. 1) #33
Summary: Spider-Man appears
Arc: Part 2 of 'The Trust' (1-2-3-4-5-6)
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Leinil Yu
Cover Art: Dave McCaig

Captain America tells the Avengers, consisting of Goliath, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and The Wasp, that their powers mean nothing and what will help them the most in a battle is their ability to fight and adapt. Cap makes an example of Hawkeye when he gets out of line by breaking his bow and knocking him down. He then tells Hawkeye that when he's finished with him his archery will be the thing he's least known for. Back in the present Clint A.K.A Hawkeye A.K.A Ronin tells the team that it was Cap that showed him how to be more than an archer. The team are in a Chicago hotel discussing what to do next. Cage confronts Spidey and tells him he's been working out who's story doesn't add up and Spidey is at the top. After going public and swapping sides in the war Cage doesn't trust him. Danny Rand tells Cage to calm down as it was Spider-Woman who was the Skrull. Wolverine tells them she wasn't, she took the body to Stark and if she was a Skrull they would all be dead already. Cage starts on Spidey again but the argument is broken up when room service arrives. The team calms down and say all they need are some bad guys to beat up. Clint asks, "Where are the bad guys?".

In Hells kitchen The Owl is holding an auctioning Deathlock to Crimson Cowl, Dr. Jonas Harrow, Madame Masque and The Wizard. Suddenly a man walks in and tells them auction has not been authorized, and from now on if they want to conduct business they have to have approval. The Owl notes he never answered to The Kingpin or Hammerhead why should he answer to some guy? The stranger tells him he should be concerned with why he's here. The Owl asks why? When The Hood appears and shoots him several times. This freaks the others out and they ask who should they ask permission from?

Back at Dr. Strange's house the New Avengers return. Maya tells Clint he can keep the Ronin suit until he no longer needs it. Jessica Jones asks where Jessica Drew is? No one answers. The team agree to meet up tomorrow night, and they'll work on a plan then. Later Cage starts to confront Jessica Jones about how she's changed, she tells him they have a child and that would change anyone.

Later at a bar Wolverine is looking for information. The barman tells him he's not after any trouble and tells him they're in the back. Wolverine asks who's back there? After listening to The Hoods plans for Deathlock Wolverine bursts into the room and grabs The Hood's friend, when The Hood reappears with two guns pointed at Wolverines face.

General Comments

Ok first things first I'd like to say thanks to Sebastian and Andrew for reviewing NA while I was busy. Thanks guys!

Now on to this issue, my favourite part of this book is the whole, "Who can you trust?" storyline. Trust me we will be hearing this line a lot over this next year so get used to it! Cage has stepped up to be the leader and confronting Spidey would be the first thing I would have done as he's the one who has done some strange things recently. Once the team start trusting each other we should have a group that will get out there and start kicking some serious butt.

Now on to The Hood, its about time someone took this great underused character and gave him something to do. The Hood is the perfect character to try to take over from the Kingpin. After being introduced in his own MAX book the character hasn't been used to his full potential. Now as the new Kingpin he will shine The Hood should become one of Marvel's top bad guys.

Once again the creative team doesn't let you down, the script is great and the art is fantastic, I really love the blur effect on the flashback at the beginning.

Overall Rating

Great art, great script what more can I say... Well I would like to see one thing, some serious villain smackdown, the NA need to find their own 'Masters of Evil' and give them an old school Avengers beating, maybe this is where The Hood comes in?

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)