Marvel Zombies #3

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


In issue 2 our zombie heroes thought they had ran out of food,.The Silver Surfer appeared who then summoned Galactus to devour our heroes planet!

Story Details

The first page you see is a full page of Iron Man shouting, "I get the first taste!!" while launching himself at the Surfer. The Surfer responds by blasting Shellhead in half. During the battle, Thor knocks the Surfer onto the ground where Wolverine tries to attack him only to lose all the skin on his right arm, Wolvie decides the dead arm would only slow him down, so he cuts most of it off. Iron Man's upper torso wants another crack at the Surfer, so he asks Wolverine to throw him at the Surfer. While the battle rages Giant-Man decides discretion is the better part of valour, and opts to sit this one out. Meanwhile, Banner can feel the hunger taking over, while Spidey decides to get rid of the leg that he damaged before. Banner Hulks out and attacks the Surfer, who tries to fight back only to have his head bitten off by the Hulk!... Hmmm crunchy!

The others want a piece of what's left, Giant-Man helps Spidey and what's left of Iron Man get feed, by taking what's left of the Surfer, and letting them have first dibs. While some of the zombies chase Giant-Man, Hercules realises Hulk didn't swallow the Surfers head, and tries to take it, only for the Hulk to crush his head and pop an eye ball. Hulk says he's still hungry as the head was mostly skull, (Duh) only to find all the Surfer is gone. Beast gets angry at Cap for not sharing more, Cap tells him to "Quit his whining" and blasts Beast with a cosmic blast. The zombies have gained the Surfers powers! The cosmic powered zombies decide to attack the "normal" zombies.

Meanwhile Wasps head has somehow freed the captive Black Panther. While making his escape Wasp begs for a nibble. Later Panther runs into Magneto's Acolytes, who demand to know what's happened to their leader.

After the battle with the other zombies, Giant-Man advises the defeated zombies don't taste very good no matter how much theyb are cooked. They realise they are back to square one, until Cap says they may have wiped the others out too soon as they could do with their help. Giant-Man asks with what, only to look up and see Galactus.

Galactus tells them to prepare to be devoured, and asks them where the Surfer is, Giant-Man responds by telling the big G that they ate him... And their still hungry...

General Comments

More cool stuff from Kirkman - Everyone vs the Surfer in quite a brutal fashion - Cool stuff. Plenty of blood and guts althought the bood is green, I like mine red! Nice twist with some of the heroes becoming cosmicly charged. Also we now know who Magneto was talking to in issue one.

Overall Rating

As great as this issue was I do thing where back to where we started. Last issue ended with the zombies about to attack the Surfer, this issue ends with them about to attack Galactus.

Still a solid read with enough story and guts to keep me happy!

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)