Marvel Zombies #4

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


In issue 3 our zombie heroes defeated and ate the Silver Surfer, now his boss is here and hes angry, which is ok cause our heroes are still hungry!!!

Story Details

"You hunger? YOU HUNGER?!" Shouts Galactus while he attacks the zombies. The zombies discuss how their going to defeat Galactus, they all attack at once using the power cosmic but it has no effect. Galactus tells them he admires their resolve but they are nothing but a nuisance, then he disintegrates Cage's left arm. The zombies decide to retreat and come up with a plan B. Giant-Man decides to show them something secret in his lab, while Hulk reverts into Banner. Giant-Man opens up the box where the Black Panther was being held, only to find he has escaped. Cage notices Wasps body, Giant-Man doesn't tell them about the Panther and says he had to kill Wasp as she attacked him.

Meanwhile the Acolytes are talking to Panther. They think this may be some sort of trap. Cortez tells the his team not to do anything to Panther, but one of them tries to attack him. Panther responds by throwing Wasps head at him, and by taking out some of the Acolytes. Cortez tells him to stop and says that he was only defending himslef, and they will take him to asteroid M. Panther tells them Wasp is his friend, and under supervision will be no threat so she can go with them.

Back with the zombies Spidey and Cage are playing go fish. Cage notes that they've been their for days and asks why Spidey still wears a mask. Spidey tells him that after he ate MJ and Aunt May he can't look at himself, Wolverine then interrupts to let them know he's back. Its Cap fresh from Wakanda with a piece of Vibranium, Giant-Man tells him its perfect along with the crystals they took from Dr Strange, and the bits they took from the Baxter building and Dr Doom's castle they should have everything they need.

Banner then starts to feel the hunger taking over, he reaches into his own stomach and re-eats something or someone he ate before. Cap asks how long he's been doing that, Iron Man then says that they've been doing it for the last few days, and it appears to work but the pieces get smaller each time. Now that their weapon is nearly ready, they will attack Galactus at nightfall.

When the heroes arrive with their weapon, they see zombie villains, (including Venom how looks exactly the same as normal) attacking Galactus. Meanwhile on Asteroid M, what's left of Wasp is taken away for study and Panther is introduced to Forge who knows a few things about prosthetic limbs.

Back on Earth, the weapon is ready and is fired at Galactus, and this time the zombies have hurt him.

General Comments

Another good book by Kirkman - the zombies appear to be no match for Galactus until they built this super weapon, which is something they would do if they were still normal heroes. Panther's story progressed but id like to know where this is going. Its nice to see the villians getting some action too.

Even more Spidey guilt!!! Plus a nasty re-eating of flesh by Banner so im happy on the gore side.

Overall Rating

Great issue, again theres some stuff to wrap up but im sure Kirkman knows what hes doing

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)