Marvel Zombies #2

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


In issue 1 our "heroes" battled, defeated and devoured Magneto. Having run out of food our heroes debated what they should do next. Luke Cage then spotted the Silver Surfer...

Story Details

The book starts with the zombies looking for the Surfer. Angel offers to do a sweep of the city, but Giant-Man thinks he wants the food for himself, and threatens to get Thor to send his makeshift hammer through his face, if he so much as flaps a wing! Giant-Man then decides he needs to go find his wife, the Wasp. Daredevil asks what they should tell Iron Man about Magneto, Giant-Man tells the group to tell him that Magneto was vaporised in a gas mains explosion. Giant- Man sets off to look for Wasp, a broken legged Spidey asks Cage for a lift.

We then see Giant-Man looking around, once the coast is clear he reverts back to normal size, and enters a lab and opens a container. Whats in the box? It's the Black Panther, minus both lower arms. It appears Mr Pym has been keeping Panther alive and sedated for a long term food supply. Pym then cuts Panthers leg off at the kneecap, but he makes sure he stitches the wound so Panther doesn't bleed to death. While doing this, Pym admits he likes the taste of flesh, and wouldnt go back to eating anything else but human.

All of a sudden Wasp appears demanding Pym share Panther with her, he declines so Wasp threatens to tell the group, Pym responds by biting her head off! Pym then gets back to the task of eating what hes carved off from Panther. Next we see the Surfer who has checked the whole planet, the zombies are everywhere!

Back with the group, Iron Man shows up and demands to know what happened to Magneto, they try to feed him the story about the gas main but he doesnt believe them. He notices its Banner with them not Hulk, and hes only Banner after a feed. Iron Man asks Spidey how his aunt and wife are, which sends Spidey on another guilt trip, Cage says "Im not putting up with this" and throws Spidey. Iron Man then has a word with Cap, he thinks once the food has ran out they will start to eat each other, so staying in a large group is a bad idea. Its decided that the zombies will split up and look for food.

The Surfer appears, he shines a bright light and addresses the zombies informing them he has summoned the great Galactus, and this planet is next on his menu. Cap asks what the hell hes talking about, Iron Man says he has no idea - GET HIM!

General Comments

Yup this issue has some cool, if not nasty stuff. Keeping the Panther alive just for food is very grim. The story did progress and you do gain more of an insight to the "heroes" plight.

More Spidey guilt - YAY! Next issue promises to be full of action, and hopefully a bit more gore!

Overall Rating

Solid 4 webs. The action slowed down, but the story did progress in a decent manner. One thing didnt work for me - would Hercules ever say "I think he's pissed"?

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)