Marvel Zombies #1

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)


In Ultimate Fantastic Four 21-23, Reed Richards was lured into a parallel universe by what appeared to be an older version of himself. Once he crossed over, Reed realised he was tricked by a virus infected/zombie of himself!

Trapped on this infected Earth, Reed was saved by Magneto the last surviving superhuman. After making it to the alternate Baxter building, Reed and several other human survivors were sent to the ultimate universe, leaving Magneto behind.

Story Details

The story picks up moments after Magneto has destroyed the gateway to the ultimate universe. Zombie versions of Marvel heroes, (including a zombie Spidey) attack Magneto, but he manages to escape after an exhausting battle.

Magneto is then contacted by some other survivors who are safe on asteroid M. Magneto tells them he will find a way to reach them, and orders them not to contact him again.

During another confrontation with the zombies, Magneto is wounded and devoured, in what has to be one of the nastiest scenes this side of a MAX rating. Later the zombies are discussing their situation while checking their various wounds, (both gory and funny - watch for Bruce Banners problem).

Luke Cage then spots something in the sky - Its the Silver Surfer, and hes next on their menu.

General Comments

As a huge fan of The Walking Dead, Kirkmans main zombie/horror comic I was really looking forward to this, plus the preview of issue ones cover really got me excited. This book does deliver with Kirkmans usual humour and characterization, best shown by Spider-mans guilt trip after eating his family, to Magnetos refusal to die without a fight. Plus there is plenty of blood, guts, leg removal, bone breaking and even brain spilling.


Will the power cosmic be able to overcome a planet full of superpowered zombies? Is the Surfer here to prepare the planet for Galactus? We shall see...

Overall Rating

Great story with guts, drama and humour. A great opening issue, for what could be one of Marvels best limited series for a long time.

My only complaint is the art seems to be very dark in places, I'm assuming Marvel used the dark colours to cover up some of the gore, to get this book out of the MAX rating category.

 Title: Marvel Zombies
 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Craig Lowrey (E-Mail)