Spider-Man 3 Movie Prequel (Target Promo)

 Posted: 2007


Over the years Marvel has produced numerous movie tie-ins, especially when they movie relates to one of their own properties. This time out the movie comic tie-in is not an adaptation of the film, but a prequel story that gives a bit of background to the movie itself, and serves as something of an introduction to patrons attending early screenings of the film. This comic was subsidized by Target.

Story 'Spider-Man 3 Movie Prequel'

Peter as Spider-Man is swinging around Manhattan all worked up because he wants to ask MJ to marry him, but he is worried about being able to take care of her. Meanwhile Flint Marko is also walking around mid-town all worried about being able to get past his former indiscretions and paying for his daughter's medical treatment. This is how we get to the third Spidey film.

General Comments

While swinging through Midtown, Spidey is all worked up about his recently- formed decision to ask Mary Jane Watson to marry him. He is mussing to himself that he is looking for a sign that this will be a good thing Therefore he almost misses that a pair of window washers who see him swing by almost fall to their deaths as their rope line snaps. However, as it breaks, Peter's Spider-Sense jangles him alert to the danger and he easily rescues the pair of workers. Once saved he "ties the knot" in their softy line, and swings on, wondering after his own pun.

He remembers his past when his Uncle Ben was alive, and how hard Ben and his Aunt May had it while trying to support themselves and him. Needless to say, another emergency brings him again back to reality, when a truck (that delivers bridal flowers) runs out of control, and needs a helping hand from its friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Spidey stops the truck before it smashes into a bakery with an enormous wedding cake in the window. Are these more signs? And are they good or bad?

Across town, a dejected Flint Marko is running through all of the missteps that he has taken over the course of his life and worried about being the father that his daughter needs, instead of just another street thug. Meanwhile, Peter has dropped in on a local jewelry store only to learn how much engagement rings really cost, and how little he can afford even this small thing for his lovely girlfriend.

While he is in the shop, a pair of masked gunmen arrive to hold the place up. Being the consummate hero that he is, Pete quickly ducks out, and changes into his red-and-blue fighting togs. As the gunmen attempt to deal with the customers, Spidey pops out and webs them both up, then slips out the back himself even as New York's finest arrive in the front door. While the police are mopping up, the hapless Marko bursts through the door through which Peter recently exited, only to find a shop full of cops. As Peter swings home he passes a billboard with MJ's face on it and realizes that he's in love with the most beautiful girl in the world, so everything should work out just fine.

Overall Rating

As movie tie-ins go, this one was very well done. Better, in fact, than an actual tie-in which would simply not live up to the excitement and action in the film. Personally I'm glad that Marvel went with a prequel to the flick rather than an actual adaptation, which is why I awarded them an extra half a point.


Being as the comic was subsidized by Target, it contained a number of pages (including a back cover foldout) of Spider-Toys you could purchase at Target. It also had a two-page, center spread poster, as well as info about Spider- film webisodes.

 Posted: 2007