Nicole Boose

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Credits for Nicole Boose on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Cable & Deadpool

Sep 2006 Cable & Deadpool #30 (Editor)
Oct 2006 Cable & Deadpool #31 (Editor)
Apr 2008 Cable & Deadpool #50 (Editor)

Marvel Humour One Shots

Sep 2007 Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular #1 (Editor)

Marvel Promo (Misc)

Sep 2006 Office Max/Teachers Count: Brain Drain! (Editor)
Nov 2006 Amtrak: All Aboard (Editor)
Nov 2006 Bubblicious Bursts: Bubble Trouble (Editor)
Dec 2006 Elks USA: Hard Choices (Editor)
Jun 2007 Spider-Man 3 Movie Prequel (Wal*Mart Promo) (Editor)
Year 2009 BBDO Campbell's Diversity: Ultimate Spider-Man/Ultimate X-Men (Editor)

Marvel Triple-A Baseball Heroes (Promo)

Aug 2007 Marvel Triple-A Baseball Heroes (Promo) 2007 (Editor)

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

Dec 2006 Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #11 (Story 2) (Editor)

Target Presents: Reading to the Rescue

Year 2006 Target Presents: Reading to the Rescue (2006) (Editor)

Ultimate X-Men

Sep 2006 Ultimate X-Men #72 (Story 2) (Editor)

X-Men (Vol. 2)

Sep 2006 X-Men (Vol. 2) #189 (Story 2) (Editor)
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