Bubblicious Bursts: Bubble Trouble

 Posted: 2007


Marvel has, over the years, produced numerous specialty comics that have tied into certain products or have been sponsored by a specific advertiser. This comic was subsidized by Bubblicious.

Story 'Bubble Trouble'

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four throw down with the Absorbing Man on a baseball field while a game is being played.

General Comments

On a Spring afternoon in Queens, Peter is coaching his school's baseball team when a meteor drops out of the sky into the middle of the infield. Only it isn't a meteor, it is the Absorbing Man, who had his rock-hard self knocked there by The Thing of the FF. Needless to say, Peter attempts to get his team off the field and out of harm's way while he changes into his Spider- Suit.

Just as he engages with the morphing villain, the FF show up. Only they are all having problems bringing down a supervillain who can alter his body mass and density into whatever he touches last. So a fight rages on, as the heroes destry the ball field attempting to bring the villain to his knees. Needless to say, this gives Science Nerd Peter an idea, and he "borrows" some gum from one of the ballplayers.

Then, tempting fate, he swings close to the Absorbing man and sticks the soft, chewed gum to Carl "Crusher" Creel's neck, thus turning him (albit briefly) into a gooey wad of ABC gum. Still that is all that the heroes need to clean his clock, and wrap thing up for the day.

Overall Rating

Nothing great shakes to this one, but man was it fun to see Crusher Creel be handed defeat so easily.


These specialty comics are hit or miss, this one was definitely a hit.

 Posted: 2007