Cable & Deadpool #50

 Title: Cable & Deadpool
 Posted: 2008


One half of the title characters has been missed as of late (Cable – due to the events in Messiah Complex). The series became a Deadpool team-up book of sorts. Recently, Deadpool went to the Savage Land to procure advanced tech for Rumekistan (Cable's former utopian country). Unfortunately, Deadpool brought back vicious dinosaurs to New York, thereby exposing them to the Venom virus (as seen in Mighty Avengers #7-#11.)

Story 'Symbiosis Mitosis'

The issue opens with our favorite webhead asking Deadpool why there are infected dinosaurs running amok in New York City. Deadpool fights off a pack of velociraptors while explaining to Spider-Man how it happened. Weasel and Bob, agent of H.Y.D.R.A. (Deadpool's supporting cast), look on. Spider-Man explains how the dinosaurs have been strengthened by the virus. Deadpool seems to take situation well considering the amount of chaos the duo are in. He cracks a few jokes. Spider-Man is uneasy about Deadpool's methods. He promptly leaves to patrol another area of the city.

Weasel theorizes about how to stop the dinosaurs. Deadpool gleefully states that he and the not-fit-for-combat Bob will stop the dinosaurs in the meantime, giving Wade enough time to put his plan in motion. Bob accidentally gets hooked to the back of a rampaging Triceratops and screams his way down the street.

Deadpool's boss, Alex Hayden of Agency X, gets a call from Wesel seeking his assistance. His assistants Sandi and Outlaw criticize his huge appetite and implore him to help Deadpool. Meanwhile, Irene Merryweather, former chief of staff for Rumekistan, is saved by Deadpool from a pack of dinos. She is none too pleased that Deadpool teleported them in the middle of the city. Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man come to Deadpool's assistance.

Ms. Marvel and Deadpool get into an argument. The "Merc with a Mouth" reiterates that it is time to be a hero. The trio partners up with the Fantastic Four. Deadpool continues to be his wisecracking self. The rest of the Mighty Avengers and the Thing are seen battling various dinosaurs. Agency X is being overrun by prehistoric beasts. Sandi and Outlaw do their best to hold the dinosaurs back. Hayden gets motivated to fight back as well. His portly frame squashes a few dinos.

Bob is not having a fun time. He continues to be dragged behind by the Triceratops. In hilarious fashion, he manages to bring a billboard down on the horned dinosaur's head. A reporter asks to interview the surprise hero. A text message from Bob's wife interrupts the proceedings.

Deadpool continues to fight alongside the Mighty Avengers. Deadpool takes his role seriously. Surprisingly, he picks up a powered spear from Cable, sent from the future. Deadpool jumps back into the fight, his spirits renewed by Cable's timely assist. He tears into numerous dinosaurs. A dinosaur tries to bond with Deadpool. Fortunately, Deadpool's will is stronger and he implodes the dino's head. The Mighty Avengers and Fantastic Four commend him on a job well done. Irene congratulates him as well.

A few days later, Deadpool sits in his apartment watching television. Weasel and Irene join him on the couch. Alex Hayden, Sandi, Outlaw, and Bob quickly join them. They have a few beers. Deadpool asks them all what they want to watch.

General Comments

Cable & Deadpool comes to an end with issue #50. This was a book marked to fail featuring two seemingly mismatched relics from the 1990s. However, word of mouth and dedicated reader base supported the series tremendously. Cable & Deadpool was a fun little book set in its own corner in the Marvel Universe. Fabian Nicieza's warped approach to Deadpool contrasted heavily to the serious tone of Cable.

The book receives a proper send-off for what was a strong series. Unfortunately, Nicieza could only provide a rough script to for the final issue. Penciler Reilly Brown took that script and did a marvelous job of plotting as well as producing his best art to date on the series. Brown takes the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach and it works well. Every supporting member, even Cable, gets a moment to shine. By the end of the issue, the reader feels as if Deadpool has acquired a family for himself, albeit an extremely bizarre version.

Many of the plot threads that resolve by issue's end can not really be resolved here. Many of the resolutions paid off to readers of all 50 issues of the series. Suffice it to say that Deadpool is involved in plenty of wisecracks and sight gags while also displaying a serious heroic streak. He is able to impress even the Mighty Avengers with how he handled the dinosaur invasion. There's also a nice nod to Mighty Avengers continuity what with Dr. Doom's Venom bomb.

Deadpool is a character that is easily malleable but achieves a consistent voice when done properly. Brown and Nicieza should be commended for taking a 1990s concept and making it complex and worthy of exciting serial stories. Spider-Man's interactions with Deadpool to start the issue were hilarious. Deadpool is the insane version of Peter Parker: funny, lovable, and heroic. Of course Deadpool has other qualities that separate him from Spider-Man, namely his status as a hired assassin. However, this juxtaposition made the interaction that much more interesting.

Overall Rating

Based on continued excellence, irreverent humor, and an intense love for the characters, Cable & Deadpool's final issue deserves a full five webs.


Cable & Deadpool gets oodles of extras, befitting its status as the final issue. The reader will find pinups, art, and interviews.

 Title: Cable & Deadpool
 Posted: 2008