Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #50 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2009


Because this is a 50-issue milestone, this issue has a longer lead story, as well as a fun back-up story to round it out.

Story 'Nightmare Commute!'

  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #50 (Story 2)
Summary: New Adventures of Spider-Man as a teen
Editor: Nathan Cosby
Writer: Roger Langridge
Artist: Sonny Liew

Peter is walking out of a local grocery story with his food purchases when his Spider-Senses go a-jangling and he switches into his Spider-Suit (still toting his food-stuffs). First up he crosses paths with Rhino then Scorpion. Next he meets the Lizard followed by Kraven the hunter and Vulture. His next villain is the Thinker (who, as we all know is more a Fantastic Four villain than a Spidey foeman). Sandman and electro are up next, followed by Doc Ock and the Chameleon, Mysterio and the Ringmaster.

The final page of the story has Spidey up against the Green Goblin, and Peter waking up in his bed proclaiming that he will no longer ingest melted cheese before bedtime, as it was all just a bad dream.

General Comments

A cute story told in rhyme that has Spidey encountering one villain after another as he attempts to make it home; very cute for an of-pitch kind of tale.

Overall Rating

The art on this story is very different from anything previously seen in this title, and the story is also very different. Making it the perfect ending for an anniversary tale.


This story is delivered as if were a dream sequence, and is penned in a rhyming prose.

 Posted: 2009