Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #37 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2008


In spite of the rumors of no more Mini Marvels, there is a one-pager in this comic.

Story 'Mini Marvel Classics'

  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #37 (Story 2)
Summary: Mini Marvel Spider-Man appears
Editor: Nathan Crosby
Writer: Chris Garrusso
Artist: Chris Garrusso

Not so much new stuff, as four of the panel gag strip that used to run at the bottom of the Bullpen Bulletins page (back when Marvel ran Bullpen Bulletin Pages.

Here we have The Human Torch stopping at the houses of Spider-Man, Daredevil and Wolverine to see who can come out an d play. Spidey and DD's can't (they are not allowed to play with fire) and Logan simply doesn't like Johnny Storm.

Spidey and Wolvie are tied up over a piranha tank Spidey thinks they are in danger because his Spidey sense is tingling, Wolverine in a "D'oh" moment agrees as his leg-sense is tingling (it is being gnawed on by a piranha).

(No Spidey in this one) Gambit wants a kiss from Rogue, who is afraid as her leaching power will knock him out. Ever the gambler Gambit doesn't care, so he goes for it, and you guessed it; passes out. Wolverine sees this and calls out to the other X-Men that Rogue has cooties.

Venom keeps repeating that he wants to eat someone's brains, Spidey intervenes and tells the guy at the fast food burger joint to just give Venom a cheeseburger.

General Comments

All cute stuff, you have to wonder why editorial is intent on canceling this series.

Overall Rating

You simply can't go wrong with Mini Marvels, so even those these are repeats, they are still fun, and enjoyable.


If you loved the strips, then you should check out Chris in his long-form storytelling, plus you can always stop Chris' website at and check out the cool stuff that he has there. Unfortunately, it appears that Marvel management isn't as enamored of these Mini-Marvels as much as this reviewer, for the word from Giarrusso himself indicates that not only will this be the final Mini-Marvel story for some time, but the recent adventures will not be collected in a single volume as were previous adventures.

 Posted: 2008