SpiderFan.org is now "Spider-Man 1962-2015"

Welcome to the "new" SpiderFan.org. We have a new (mobile-friendly) theme, and a new mission.

As of today, the site will be dedicated to completely tracking and cross-referencing all of the comics and books for the first 50 years of Spider-Man, from 1962 through to 2015.

The more specific definition of what this does and does not include is described in our F.A.Q. : Database inclusion guidelines.

Please excuse a few broken links while we re-organize. There's a few sections of the site that are still not yet fully automated. Specifically, our "Cards" section needs to be re-done from scratch, as well as Spider-Man's Powers & Costumes.

This site restructure was a direct consequence of my personal decision to abandon collecting new comics at the end of 2015. Many factors went into that difficult decision, and I'll probably do a Rave about that decision once the site revamp is under control.

My loss of enthusiasm naturally affected the rest of the staff, with the result that the site database updates for new comics became erratic and haphazard. Where once I had acted as a "backstop" ensuring that every variant, every issue, and every title eventually made it into the database, now we had gaps all over the place.

I couldn't bear to see SpiderFan become full of gaps, and so I made the hard decision to change our goals to match the changed circumstances. We will be the complete and authoritative reference for the first five decades of Spider-Man.

If you'd like to help us do that, then perhaps you should join the staff.