Bring Bagley Back!

As none of you know, I am Mark Bagley's biggest fan. I buy any comic Bagley draws and I will continue doing so until the day he finishes drawing. I don't even know why I love his art so much! Is it the fact that he is the most consistent comic book artist since Jack Kirby? Is it because of those massive eyes he draws for Spider-Man? Is it some quality unknown to me that attracts me to his art? I seriously don't know. I will always love Mark Bagley's art and no matter how many times you use the old "every character he draws looks the same" and "he was better in the 90's" cards, I will not be swayed. (If you email me with Bagley hate, I will completely ignore you.)

Now, with that past us, I will get to the point of this News post. Recently on the terrific podcast that I highly recommend you watch, Superior Spider-Talk, (which we have a link for in our Links section) Dan Gvozden and Mark Ginocchio interviewed Mark Bagley. For any Bagley fan (or any Spider-Fan, really), this is a very intriguing interview. Within it, Bagley mentioned how he would like to start drawing the ol' webslinger once again.

Now, it's one thing when a big artist like Bagley says he wants something, but it's another thing entirely when the fans want it too. In a recent poll I posted on the site, What We Want: Spider-Man Artists Rotation, 106 fans voted on which artists they would like to see draw Spider-Man. Among these artists I listed where some of the industry's best talents like Steve McNiven and Jerome Opena, but one artist got the most votes. That artist was Mark Bagley. A whopping 91% of the fans that voted wanted Mark Bagley. Now, I realize that 106 pollsters isn't many, but these people all resemble some of the most dedicated Spider-Man fans there are.

So, if there is any Marvel editor or someone involved in such matters reading this, I ask you one question: Will you heed to the fan's requests to bring Bagley back to Spider-Man? Will you give them the satisfaction of having one of the greatest Spider-Man artists of all time drawing him once more?