Spider-Man LEGO... Multi-Jointed Awesomeness!

In this world there are some things that are impossible not to love. Mom, Apple Pie, Spider-Man... and LEGO.

Mike McCooey is an amateur LEGO designer with just way too much talent, and he has created this multi-jointed Spider-Man with 48 incredible points of articulation.

Seriously, just TAKE MY MONEY NOW!

If you would like to see this figure get produced as an official LEGO product, just Go To the LEGO.cuusoo Site now, sign up now with your Facebook or Twitter account and UP-VOTE this figure.

C'mon Spider-Fans. This is important. Do it now! LEGO has the right to produce Spider-Man products. Let's make our voices heard and get this high-quality web-slinging figure out into the market.

P.S. Mike has an awesome Venom Set up for voting too. Maybe you could give that one a vote while you're there, yeah?

P.P.S. If you want to see more of the Spider-Man figure in action, including some glorious close-up detail of the joints, there's a couple of dozen high-quality images on Mike's LEGO Spider-Man Flickr Page.