832 Cards in our DB (more to come)

Most of the team at SpiderFan are purely in it for the Comics. But over the years I've also picked up quite a few Spider-Man Trading Cards as well as a secondary collecting interest.

I originally posted my collection on the SpiderFan site twenty years ago — sort of. You see, I didn't do it properly. I should have scanned all the cards individually front and back, and loaded them properly into our site database with credits and dates.

But I didn't. Instead I took a short-cut, scanned the front only in 3x3 card pages, and manually created some simple HTML that didn't really connect with the rest of the site. What this means is that when we re-did the site theme a few months ago, all the Cards pages were broken and out of date.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working hard and I've individually scanned some 832 cards front and back, and I've entered them into our database. I've got another 800 or so yet to do.

If you want to help then you can Mail Me and I'll show you how to use the online GUI to upload new cards into our database.