Ultimate Spider-Man #75

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


A dumbstruck Harry witnessed the violent defeat of his father. Peter tried to comfort his old friend. The only words Harry could mutter were: "I'll kill you all." That was the last time Peter, or anyone, saw Harry until a few days ago when he resurfaced, back in Forest Hills. Harry had been approached by an associate of his father, Mr. Shaw, who restored Harry's repressed memories of his father's life as The Green Goblin. Later, Harry showed up at Peter's house and accused Peter of stealing his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. Peter and Harry manage to reconcile, realizing they have much in common. But Peter and MJ have a falling-out after she finally admits her past relationship with Harry.

Story Details

Two days ago. Shaw welcomes Harry to the world according to Harry's father. It's an old fallout shelter. And there's a lot of Oz laying around as well as cash and Green Goblin stuff. Harry freaks and runs back outside. Shaw follows him, slaps him, making him get knocked out. Later, when Harry awakens, Shaw tells him in order to find Norman, they need Peter Parker, because he's Spider-Man. Harry doesn't believe Shaw, but Shaw convinces Harry that he needs to save his father and thus go get Peter. He'd like to go himself, but since he wants to stay invisible to S.H.I.E.L.D. he can't.

Back to the final page of the last issue. Peter gets a phone call from Harry. Aunt May tells him he can't go back out. He's fifteen and the Osborns are nothing but trouble.

The next day, at school. MJ calls Peter but he runs away. In class, he ignores her. During lunch time, MJ finds him eating his lunch, alone on the gallery near the track field. They start a conversation about Harry. MJ says she knows how it ended. The fight with Harry's dad, and that he killed him in self-defense. Peter yells, he's not dead. He's locked away. So, why would Harry say so?

That evening, Shaw visits Harry, asking why he did not go to school. Harry has to go to school in order to meet Peter, they had a deal. Shaw is angry. Suddenly, Spider-Man is in the room. He asks Harry who he is talking to. No one, replies Harry. Shaw is getting more angry, telling Harry to show Spider- Man who he really is, to tell him he was there.

We then get a flashback to the accident that created the Green Goblin. Norman says that someone needs to remove Harry from the premises. But he doesn't go quick enough, so he witnesses the explosion and the transformation of his father into the Green Goblin, killing his first victim.

Back to now, Harry is on the floor, screaming. It seems his body is on fire. Peter, having taken his mask off, looks frightened.

General Comments

This issue picks up where issue 73 ended. Confused? Yeah, well, so am I. Fortunately, the flashback isn't that long so after a few pages, the story picks up where last issue ended. Phew, no more flashbacks.... but wait.... near the end of the story, we do get another one, the accident that created the Green Goblin. Man. Man, this is part 4 of a 6-part story called Hobgoblin and I still haven't seen him. I think calling the story "Flashback" would be better.

Speaking of the number of parts to this story: the first installment of this Hobgoblin story said it was to be a 5-parter, then it turned into 6 the next issue. In my review for issue 74 I said it was a 5-parter, well, guess I goofed up. Next time, I'll check Marvel Previews first, deal?

Then the Shaw thingy. To me, it looks like he's an imaginary friend to Harry. He's invisible to S.H.I.E.L.D., so he has to be non-existent. Taking this into perspective, it could mean that Harry is really nuts (just like Peter says to MJ), even more nuts than his dad is. We'll have to wait and see how this develops. My guess is, in part 6 they take him to the ultimate version of Ravencroft.

A nice touch, by the way, are the Goblin masks on page 1. The original Marvel Universe one is there, the movie version and the Ultimate version. Although in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, the Green Goblin did not need to wear a mask. But having all three there, it adds a nice touch to this issue. Almost makes up for the flashback confusion.

Overall Rating

Well, rating this one isn't easy. So, why not give one web for each Goblin mask. You find that silly? Cool, that means you actually care about this story. I lost interest, Bendis is simply taking too much time to get to the actual Hobgoblin part. Back in the original Marvel Universe, it also took a while for the Hobgoblin to appear, but at least the story went on. Here, I'm not so sure about it.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)