Ultimate Spider-Man #74

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


A dumbstruck Harry witnessed the violent defeat of his father. Peter tried to comfort his old friend. The only words Harry could mutter were: "I'll kill you all." That was the last time Peter, or anyone, saw Harry until a few days ago when he resurfaced, back in Forest Hills. Harry had been approached by an associate of his father, Mr. Shaw, who restored Harry's repressed memories of his father's life as The Green Goblin. Later, Harry showed up at Peter's house and accused Peter of stealing his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson.

Story Details

Harry looks at Peter's Spider-Man mask. Peter is stunned; what did Harry just say? Did he date MJ before Peter did? Harry is sad, no one understands the crap they've been through. All they have is each other, he says. He then hugs Peter and leaves.

In class, MJ is using a note book to communicate with Peter. The teacher notices this. Later, on the roof, Peter is in his Spider-Man costume. He's mad at MJ--she was going out with Harry. She replies by saying they weren't "going out". He's mad, and tells her everything. MJ is sorry and asks why he's so mad. The answer? Because you're going to die. MJ is in shock. Peter goes on, it's all because of Norman Osborn and in the end, it'll be all his fault, for he told MJ that he's Spider-Man. He then swings away, leaving MJ crying.

Later, MJ runs into Harry. He asks about Peter, he kinda made a joke about it, thinking MJ told Peter ages ago. He then comforts MJ; she thinks they just broke up. She doesn't understand Peter. Harry says Peter's not happy and he mentions Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben. Harry asks whether Peter tells MJ everything. Even that Peter killed his dad? MJ doesn't believe it, Peter wouldn't do that. But, Harry replies, Spider-Man would.

Cut to a hot dog stand. Some guys try to rob the vendor. Spider-Man stops them, and, out of control, hurts one of the bad guys. He then rushes him to a hospital. Outside the hospital, he meets a female cop. Spider- Man wants to turn himself in, for he put someone in the hospital. The cop is called Jean DeWolff, and she thinks he shouldn't feel bad about it. He saved the vendor, who was about to get killed. No biggie about the thug getting hurt. She then tells Spider-Man he needs to relax, and gives him her card.

It's that evening, at the Parker residence. Aunt May says MJ came by, and told May that she and Peter are having a big fight. Also, Harry had called. As May mentions that the Osborns are all trouble, the phone rings. It's Harry. He says it's time. For what? asks Peter. "You help me. I help you. Bring the costume." And Peter has to go back out.

General Comments

Finally, the cliffhanger from issue 72 is resolved. I feared for a moment that the scene with Harry holding the Spider-Man mask would not be mentioned again until in a flashback or something. After issue 73, it seemed such a flashback would be a twist that could have been done. Fortunately, the story picks up where 72 left it. Great! Phew.

Also a nice twist is Aunt May saying that the Osborns are all trouble. Why does she say it? To give us readers an even more creepy feeling about Harry? To build up the tension? Mind you, Harry is a creepy guy. He does have his repressed memories of his father as the Green Goblin restored. But with a twist, since he thinks Spider-Man killed his father. Which is not true, but he doesn't know that. Hmmm, come to think of it, it would make a great story if Norman were to return and find out that Harry is running around playing the Hobgoblin.

So, do we get to see the Hobgoblin next issue? And will Harry be the one inside the costume? I think so... on both accounts. This story is a 5-parter... but with Bendis, you can never be sure.

Overall Rating

Finally Bendis delivers. The first two parts of the Hobgoblin story went nowhere, just a long introduction to the actual introduction, that being this part. You still following me? Anyway, a lot of stuff happened. To me, it felt like somebody called "action" just before issue 74 started. Which is (this time around) enough to earn a full 4 webs. Yeah, and naming the female cop Jean DeWolff, that sure helped as well.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)