Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #7

 Posted: Feb 2013
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)


Miles is just getting started in his Spidey career. He has the blessing of SHIELD, but his uncle seems to have plans for him...

Story Details

Miles is at home, watching videos of Peter Parker fighting as Spidey, to learn some moves. He has dinner with his parents, during which his father disses the new Spidey (Miles). After dinner, Miles sneaks out as Spidey. He starts greaking out as he is trying to jump around the city, until an explosion goes off across town. Spidey arrives, finds Omega Red and is immediately under attack.

Meanwhile, Miles' Uncle Aaron has broken out of jail and is confronting the Tinkerer in his hideout. Aaron must have a bit of clue, but after interrogating the Tinkerer he puts it together and comes to the conclusion that Miles is the new Spider-man. Aaron kills the Tinkerer.

Back at the docks, Miles manages to beat Omega Red and is surprised at his unexpected triumph. Later, he is walking with Ganke and filling him in on the fight, when he is stopped by his Uncle Aaron... to be continued.

General Comments

A fairly solid issue that moves the story along. I am interested to see where things are going with the Uncle Aaron storyline. Aaron is definitely coming across as much more of a ruthless bad guy than I originally thought, which can only mean trouble for Miles. Miles comes across as innocent, hopeful and little naive, so whatever Aaron has planned is probably going to shake things up for him.

I am missing Pichelli on art, not that this issue's art is bad or anything.

Overall Rating

Solid issue, nothing special, but some foreboding moments that promise some interesting times ahead for Miles.

 Posted: Feb 2013
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)