Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #6

 Posted: Jan 2013
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)


Miles Morales has taken on the Spider-man persona. He has recently been given the blessing of Nick Fury, along with a new Spider-man suit to call his own.

Story Details

Uncle Aaron is New Mexico and meets up with a gangster named the Scorpion. Aaron wants money and the Scorpion wants a package. Things are going south until Aaron uses a device hidden upon his person to electrocute the Scorpion's thugs that are surrounding him. The Scorpion agrees to talk.

In Brooklyn, Miles stops his first crime as Spider-man in his new suit. It starts poorly, as he is knocked down by a thug. He recovers and beats the muggers. The woman he saves is grateful, but when the cops arrive, they try to arrest him. Spidey makes his escape. Betty Brant manages to get a photo of Spidey as he leaves.

Back in New Mexico, Aaron manages to get his money off the Scorpion and then tries to kill him. The Scorpion seems to be super powered, as he shrugs off a stabbing and electric shock. Aaron kicks him in the groin and and runs off. Aaron runs into some police, who he tries to electric shock, his gizmo fails though and he is arrested.

Miles returns home to see his Mum. She explains about Uncle Aaron and Miles' dad dark past. Miles' dad went straight, but Aaron is still a criminal. Ganke arrives and they head to Miles' room. Ganke shows Miles some footage of the original Spider-man fighting and suggests that Miles needs training and can learn from the footage.

Betty Brant hits Jonah up for her job back using the picture of Miles she took as incentive. Uncle Aaron is in jail and given a newspaper showing pictures of the new Spider-man. Aaron seems suspicious and asks someone to translate the paper for him.

General Comments

This issue is full of set-up, with a few plates put up in the air. You've got Miles learning how to fight, Uncle Aaron's criminal side revealed, the Ultimate Universe's Scorpion and Betty Brant out to get her job back by using Spider-man. It's all told in an interesting way and makes for a pretty 'dense' read, with lots going on.

The art is handled by Chris Samnee and is much less polished than Pichelli. It's rougher and uses more blacks, which suits the vibe of Uncle Aaron's scenes well. I miss Pichelli though, I've been really enjoying her artwork.

Overall Rating

An enjoyable read, with lots of bang for your buck.

 Posted: Jan 2013
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)