Spider-Man: With Great Power #4

 Posted: 2008


Peter Parker has everything he's ever wanted since he became the TV sensation, the Amazing Spider-Man. He's rolling in dough, he's no longer a social outcast, and he's got the hottest girl in school. But what good does all that do you if you can't use your gifts in a responsible manner?

Story 'With Great Power'

The city is under attack from a creature that looks like it stepped out of a movie staring monsters in rubber suits. Even though the Fantastic Four have shown up to fight this monstrosity, the situation is still grave. With his spider-sense to warn him, Peter moves through the crowd of panicking people to get uncle Ben and Liz to safety. Among all the chaos, Peter comes across a homeless man trapped under rubble. The Thing steps in and gives Peter a hand and tells him that he's got more spine than all the thugs on Yancy Street combined. Unfortunately, the homeless man still dies, despite being saved, which weighs heavily on Peter's conscience. Thing tries to console Peter but he runs away.

During the long drive home, uncle Ben tries to comfort Peter, telling him that it was the Fantastic Four's job to handle the situation because they have powers. Uncle Ben says the famous line "With great power there must also come great responsibility." He says he's proud of his nephew for trying to help even though he has no powers, making Peter feel even worse.

Still feeling down, Peter goes to a club with Tiffany as Spider-Man, has a few drinks and ends up puking his guts out in the toilet. Peter tells Tiffany that he was there when that monster attacked, how he tried to save a man but he still died. She says that it wasn't his responsibility. Peter passes out and she takes a peek under his mask.

Peter wakes up and see J. Jonah Jameson ranting about how Spider-Man acts irresponsibly while the city is in danger. It is then decided by Monty's higher ups that Spider-Man has to become a hero.

General Comments

I really liked Peter's struggle with using his powers wisely. This is something that is usually not touched upon until after uncle Ben is killed so it was nice to see it addressed sooner.

Peter's interactions with the Thing were short but to the point. I found the particular scene between the two of them gripping and there really aren't enough words I can say to convey my thoughts on it. Just read the issue.

Overall Rating

We'll award this one four webs.

 Posted: 2008