Spider-Man: With Great Power #3

 Posted: 2008


Thanks to the bite of a radioactive spider, Peter Parker has become the wrestling superstar of the nation. He's got women, fame, fortunate, the things that beyond the reach of most people. Unfortunately his power has caused his ego to run away with him. Peter is about to learn that miss using his powers can have dire consequences

Story 'With Great Power'

  Spider-Man: With Great Power #3
Summary: Spider-Man stars

Everyone seems to love the Amazing Spider-Man. Too bad J. Jonah Jameson isn't everyone. Sure, the rest of the press is filled with good news about Spidey, but Jameson thinks the web-head isn't all he's cracked up to be. What's he got to hide behind that mask? His wants his news team to bring him some dirt on Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is out on a date with a woman who's name he can't even remember. Not that it matters because he could care less what her name is. They're eating on a rooftop, watching the Fantastic Four fight some monster. Nameless date thinks the FF are pretty cool. Spidey says sure, if you're into fighting monsters and all that jazz. She gives him some lip service as the fight continues.

Spidey was supposed to spend some quality time with Tiffany Lebeck and she's none to pleased about his being late. She even knows about his date with the nameless groupie. Spidey apologizes and agrees to celebrating with her after his TV interview is over.

His first TV interview and Spider-Man isn't nervous at all. As cool as a cucumber, he makes with the jokes and the audience laughs. While Spidey shows off for the crowd, the people who handle the money at the studio look like they could have a problem on there hands. There's a fellow with shifty eyes sneaking around with a gun so if I had to guess, I'd say he was into some negative business.

Spidey's interview ends and he waits for the elevator door to open where he's just seconds away from a moment that he will regret for the rest of his life. A security guard shouts for Spider-Man to stop a thief, but what does he do? He lets him go. The security guard tells Spidey all he had to do was hold him up for a minute or trip him. Spidey says that's not his job and he's only looking out for number one--himself.

At a Club Mayhem, Monty and Tiffany are out celebrating Spidey's first TV spot. Tiffany tells Monty that he was a loser before Spider-Man came to boost his business and he'll be a loser when he's gone. Monty realizes that Tiffany wants in on the action. Threatening to fire her, Spidey shows up and says that if Tiffany goes, he goes. With that, Tiffany is made Spidey's official agent and manager.

Things aren't going so well on the home front. Uncle Ben gets a letter from Peter's school mentioning his absences and declining grades. He thinks Peter won't end up in a good school if he keeps going in the direction he's headed. Aunt May says Ben has always been like a father to Peter and maybe the time has come for him to start acting like a father would.

In the school halls Liz asks Peter if they're still going to study after school. Flash sees the two talking and he is one unhappy camper. He tells Peter if he sees him talking to Liz again he'll rearrange his face. Peter isn't intimidated by Flash's threat in the least.

Peter talks Liz into ditching their study session at the library and going to Club Mayhem. At the Bugle Jameson asks Ben Urich if he has anything on Spider-Man but he tells him he's got zilch. Jonah is convinced that something is there. As Peter and Liz leave the club, they get busted by uncle Ben. Liz breaks out the waterworks while Peter stays nice and calm. Just as uncle Ben is about to lay down the law, Peter's spider-sense goes off. He quickly pushes uncle Ben aside, saving him from some falling rubble. Why is it raining building slabs? There's a freak show attacking the city. Well that's one away to avoid getting in trouble with the folks.

General Comments

There are some good developments here with Jameson trying to find out the deal behind Spider-Man, but this issue doesn't feel as strong as the first two. I like seeing Peter's ego continue to inflate. People with huge egos get taken to school sooner on later and anyone that knows Spider-Man knows he's going to get taken to school hard.

Overall Rating

Three and a half webs. Not as good as the first two issues but still enjoyable stuff.

 Posted: 2008