Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #189 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Stealth Jim (E-Mail)


So now Harry's the Goblin again. Peter's been searching for him after letting him go for a while now. His search comes to an end this issue.

Story 'The Osborn Legacy'

The issue opens with Peter sitting in silence on his couch, a cold expression on his face. Mary Jane bursts in, explaining she's been let home from work early. When Peter doesn't respond, MJ notices somethings up. That's when Pete starts to wind up a jack-in-the box sitting in front of him. As the little tune finishes, the head pops out and, you guess it, its a Goblin! "Gotcha!" Is written on a card hung round his neck.

Liz Allen Osborn is having a meal with the Molten Man (her step-brother), she starts to break down into tears over the strain of Harry's turn when Normie enters the room. To their surprise, Normie is holding a pumpkin, that starts to give off gas as Normie tells the two he found it in his room. As the three collapse, we notice a certain Goblin's feet enter the room "Gotcha!"

Meanwhile, Peter is explaining to MJ that Aunt May had seen Harry earlier, who'd asked her to give him the jack-in-a box. Peter crushes the box as MJ walks off. Pete hears MJ scream and runs to the bedroom to find a Spider-man dummy lying on the bed. His Spider-sense screeches as he throws MJ to the floor, the dummy exploding.

That's when it clicks, Liz and Normie are in danger. Pete and MJ burst into Liz's place (using an extra key Liz had given them) to find a message on the table. "Gotcha!"

Liz, Molten Man and Normie slowly begin to awaken. They find themselves in the Osborn mansion dining room, the Goblin stands, preposing a toast to the family. Liz seems worried (well duh), but when Harry tries to reasure her, she makes a break for it, only to find the door bricked off. Molten Man runs to her aid, asking to help Harry back to the light. Insulted, Harry plants a pumpkin bomb in his face before smaking him out in his rage shouting "I'LL KILL YOU!"... lovely.

That's when we cut to Pete, suited up and making his way towards the mansion. He purs out his heart to the readers about his relationship with Harry, how they used to be best friends etc. MJ however has gone to stay with Aunt May. They move into the kitchen where MJ finds a set of flours. Aunt May explains they were a gift from Harry.

Back at the Osborn's, Molten Man is concious again, Harry explaining to Normie that it was all a game. Harry unmasks himself in an attempt to get Liz to feel better again. Normie is delighted to see Harry once more. He claims he won't do anything to hurt Liz and Normie as their his whole life. He says the Osborn legacy now belongs to all of them.

Meanwhile, Pete drops down at thefront of the house. "He's here." he tells himself as he pushes the door open. Slowly, he creeps through the place on the ceiling. Opening another door, a huge jack-in-a box springs open, repeatedley shotuing "Gotcha!" as the Goblin modle sprays bullets across the room. Spidey quickly dismantles it and thunders down the stairs.

He finds himself in the dining room, Harry screaming at him for just barging in. Calming down, Harry asks him to sit down and eat. Spidey takes a seat, but is reluctant to eat. Harry screams at him once more. Peter analises his situation as he unrolls his mask, Molten Man for back up being a plus, but not wanting to harm Liz and Normie.

Harry breaks into a long speech about how Spider-man has failed to ruin the Osborn legacy, which is all he apparentley ever wanted to do. Molten Man snaps and dives for Harry, who beats him down once more. Peter stand up, trying to get Harry to come with him, but Harry takes a shot at him as he puts his mask back on. "I DON'T NEED ANY HELP!" he cries.

Now its Liz's turn to speak up. She tells him he does need help and she won't let him take Normie the way Norma took Harry. But Harry's already won Normie over, who jumps out of his mother's arms to meet Harry. Liz collapses in tears as Harry claims she isn't one of them, she doesn't have Osborn blood.

Peter takes a stand once more, noticing the Goblin glider rising behind him. He could dodge, but the glidermight hit Normie, so he takes the hit. Harry puts Normie down as he hops on the glider and begins to kick Sppidey about. Harry dives at Pete, screaming "LONG LIVE THE GREEN GOBLIN!". Pete's had enough, he fights back, hard. Harry manages to grab Pete's neck from behind. In an attempt to break Spider-man's neck, Harry goes into a victory speech early, enraging Peter who smacks him aside in a powerfull blow.

Harry crashes into a wall, out cold. Peter says he can scream he knows who he is all he likes, he's been through a lot worse. Peter tells Liz to call the police, for Harry's own good. He helps Molten Man to his feet, noticing Normie next to Harry, who is giving Spider-man an extremley hateful look.

"I know who Spider-man is! and I'm goig to tell the whole world--" Harry screams before he gets into the police van later. "But. Not. Just. Yet." having said that, he burts out laughing as he is driven away. Peter hangs his head as the laughter echoes on.

General Comments

What a fantastic story. Not much else can be said. Perfect characterization on all parts. Harry's insanity really shows here and him twisting Normie into another Goblin works really well. Seeing the nate in Normie at the end is just such a brilliant twist.

Art is good too, nothing great, but the story is so good I can't mark the issue down on it.

Overall Rating

Beautiful stuff. Marry this book

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Stealth Jim (E-Mail)