Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #6

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Gary Miller


For the last six months writer/artist Dan Jurgens with inker Klaus Janson have never failed to disappoint with fun issues of this new title. Their run on the series comes to a close with the resolution of the relationship between Ben Reilly and the unnamed burglar's daughter, Jessica Carradine.

Story 'The Ultimate Responsibility'

Jessica Carradine, the daughter of the burglar who killed Uncle Ben (and set Peter Parker on the dogmatic phrase, "With great power comes great responsibility") ponders her life and her relationship with Ben Reilly, whom she recently discovered was Spider- Man. She still has the photograph she took of Ben changing identities, and she is adamant in believing her father's claims, that Spider-Man was and is a murderer and thief. When she happens upon the Rio restaurant and sees Ben talking with Desiree Winthrop, she mistakes this as a sign that Ben no longer cares and decides to send the photo to the Daily Bugle to let the whole world know who Spider-Man is.

Suddenly Ben is seen rushing from the restaurant after noticing a fire on the top floors of a high-rise building nearby. He swings into action as Spider-Man while Jessica watches. The heroic actions Ben takes in rescuing the many people in the tower convinces Jessica, alas, that Spider-Man was not the villain whom her father made him to be, but a hero who risks his life for people everyday. Once she sees this, she tells Ben she was wrong, and gives him the photo. She is last seen leaving flowers at the graves of May and Ben Parker, grieving over all the trouble her father caused them.

General Comments

First, a heartfelt farewell to Dan Jurgens and Klaus Janson. I'll miss their work on this book. However, I did feel that this plotline should have continued a while longer. Maybe it's me, I just felt it wasn't done justice--that, and I couldn't totally believe that all it took for Jess to see the light was Spidey in the act of saving people. Then again, stranger things have happened...

Overall Rating

The book wasn't weak, just early. Okay, maybe a little of both. Three webs, with a tear in my eye.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Gary Miller