Spider-Man: Power of Terror #2

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Caesar Cicero and Silvermane have hired up some help - Boomerang, Beetle, Speed Demon, Hyro-Man, and new-comer Scorpia! They're out to take Power through Terror. Pitted against them are Spider-Man and Deathlok.

Story 'Warzone'

Boomerang is hired to lure Spidey away while Cicero's mob takes care of some Hell's Kitchen guys that didn't want to join Silvermane. Daredevil and Punisher are getting caught up in the murder and mayhem also. Deathlok is dealing with a head-on subway crash that seems to have been set-up as more of the plan to isolate Manhattan Island.

Meanwhile, Scorpia has arrived! She and Hydro-Man have work to do. Their job is to bring Deadlok to Silvermane, but first they have to test him for toughness. Beetle is supposed to be there too, and he turns up, but he doesn't notice yet that Spider-Man is trailing him! All five scrap for a bit, until Silvermane is satisfied, and reveals his master plan, by remote video feed, naturally.

Silvermane's plan goes like this. Deathlok surrenders his body to Silvermane, or else Manhattan goes bye-bye. He has terrorist attacks all lined up, and he has taken control of much of the city's computerized systems. Soo... what's it gonna be Deathlok? Well, Deathlok is prepared to surrender. But Spider-Man ain't prepared to take that - he wants to go in and kick Silverman's shiny little ass.

General Comments

We've got villainy and do-goodery! All with high-tech cyber-mumble!

Overall Rating

Couple of webs.

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)