Spider-Man: Power of Terror #1

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Here I was, trying to figure out how Silvermane turned back from being a big cyborg robot you could poke a stick through, to a normalish sort of guy in a wheel-chair.

Last time we saw Silvermane with a metal skeleton and not enough skin was in Daredevil #308, in the middle of the "Dead Man's Hand" arc, 1992. Next time he turns up is Peter Parker: Spider-Man #73, joining the massive attack on Fortunato and Hydra. At that point, he has his skin back, and he's in a fancy wheel-chair type thing, with a life support system attached to his neck, that's in 1996.

The only appearance I can find between those two is this Spider-Man: Power of Terror limited series, from 1995. So let's go have a look see, shall we? Hey, maybe it's even a candidate for "Worst of The Worst"?

Story 'Beneficial Alliances'

All this happens while Peter's marriage to MJ is having ups and downs. He has learned that his "Parents" were in fact robots. He's been through his dark and moody "I am the Spider" thing. He's met Ben, and Judas Traveller, and learned that he's gonna be a dad.

Now, in the meantime, he's swinging around looking for trouble. He finds it, when he runs into a mass Maggia hit. When he turns up, the two sides start shooting him instead of each other. A few "Innocents" get caught up in the struggle, and catch too many bullets to go on living. Spidey now has a motive to get involved.

Cut to Coney Island. Deathlok (Michael Collins) is being attacked in an old theme park by half of the Sinister Syndicate - Beetle, Speed Demon, Hydro-Man. They've been sent by a "Mutual Friend". They lead Deathlok on a trail to... where?

Meanwhile, Caesar Cicero comes to pay his respects to Silvio Manfredi - Silvermane. Silvermane and Cicero have battled for control of his Maggia family for many years. But now Silvermane has new plans. Seems like he wants to form an alliegance of Maggia families for some reason. He also has "taken steps" to improve his personal condition, i.e. the fact that he is basically a head living in a machine. Also, he has created Scorpia, based on the Scorpion's outfit... ignoring the fact that the Scorpion actually has significant physical enhancements too, and is far more than just a costume.

Seems Cicero has agreed to ally with Silvermane, and cooks up a plan to block all the tunnels and blow up the bridges in and out of New York. It's all about Power, ya see, the Power of Terror!

General Comments

Well, no explanation of how Silvermane might have acquired a body. Last time we saw him, he was just a "head", we didn't even see his optional skeleton, just a set of various life support machines.

Overall Rating

Heh, this classic "get some cool characters and start a fight" stuff. Two webs will have to suffice.

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)