Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #2 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2007


Eddie Brock was a report disgraced by Spider-Man when he caught the real killer that Brock supposedly exposed. During the Secret War on the Beyonder's planet, Spider-Man's costume was ruined. Hearing of a machine that could create costumes, Spidey used the one he thought was it and ended up with a living entity known as a symbiote. When Spidey learned of its intentions, he forced it off of him and it found a kindred spirit in Brock with a shared hatred for Spider-Man. Bonded, they became Venom!

Story 'Undone'

Spidey interrupts Venom as he's about to put the hurt on one Ione Damasco. But rather than fight, Venom takes off. Confused, Spidey presses Ione for answers but her refusal to answer allows the police to arrive and cause Spidey to take off himself.

Concerned about Venom, Peter begins to investigate names he heard Venom mention with some help from Ben Urich. What he discovers is the names are members of the board for Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals, and one was mauled to death. Peter deduces it has something to do with a story Eddie Brock was working on before he bonded with the Symbiote, giving him hope that the two can be separated.

Meanwhile, Venom uses the suit's camouflage abilities to infiltrate Ione's security detail and settle some unfinished business. Peter hears about it and tries to get further help from Urich, but he refuses to allow Peter to endanger himself and tells him to pass it on to proper professionals. Peter decides to follow the paper trails for clues until he wears himself out. Waking up, he discovers an envelope with his name on it with Brock's notes on the story.

Using them, Spidey tracks down the next target, Fischer, and lays into him for his unethical testing of a hair growth drug on transients that always proved fatal. He and the other two were responsible for all that, and Venom arrives to make the final payment for vengeance. Venom reveals the steps they took to get him off the story as Spidey stands fast between him and his target. Not in the mood, Venom strikes and the two spiders break out into a brawl.

Unfortunately, the fight is cut short by an electrical fire from a wall they smashed through. Spidey rushes out to save Fischer while Venom is forced to retreat from the flames. Fischer thanks Spidey, but Spidey tells him to hold that back as a few calls later Brock's story makes the front page of the Bugle, courtesy of Urich. Venom, though appeased now, still promises to enact his vengeance on Spidey one day.

General Comments

If McKeever had written Venom during his lethal protector days, his anti-hero status might have been better received by the comic reading community. It always made sense to have Venom be the perverted version of Spidey, taking justice to extreme levels while holding a strong hatred for web-head. The artwork was a very interesting painted style, but the quality varied between panels. Some looked great and really stood out from the less clear, sketchier art. Overall, a great story any Venom fan should enjoy.

Overall Rating

4.5 Webs. A great that shows the true potention of Venom as a lethal protector.

 Posted: 2007