Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #2 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2007


Dr. Curtis Connors lost his arm during a war. Seeking to fix that problem, he experimented with lizard DNA to try and replicate their regenerative abilities to be compatible with human DNA. His process succeeded, but also ended up turning him into the Lizard!

Story 'Building A Better Lizard'

Connors drops by the lab to see what his assistant Gordon has been up to. What he discovers is a variation of the device that turned him into the Lizard! Infuriated, Connors transforms and begins to trash the device. Gordon tries to stop him but ends up being sent into the machine and was given the mind of a reptile. Connors, back to normal, now realizes it was meant to be a cure for him, not Gordon trying to gain his curse. As paramedics wheel his body out of the lab, Gordon crawls from the wreckage, trapped in the body of the lizard.

General Comments

An interesting story about jumping to conclusions and the ramifications of those actions. However, that was all lost in the horrendous artwork we were subjected to this time around. This story was hyper-stylized with severely twisted looking character designs. Also, Gordon's constant stuttering tended to get very annoying very fast.

Overall Rating

2 Webs. Decent story, but marred by the awful artwork.

 Posted: 2007