Spider-Man Stick & Lift (Panini UK)

 Posted: May 2020
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


The "Panini" company is better known for publishing trading stickers. This "Stick & Lift" coloring book from 1996 is something different for them.

This Spider-Man book is numbered 6 in the top-right corner. I have seen a "Barbie Stick & Lift" with 3, and a "Power Rangers Stick & Lift" with 4. I have also seen a "Space" themed Panini Stick & Lift from the 1980's and various Disney tie-in editions too.

This book is for the UK market only. The back cover states "Distributor for United Kingdom and Eire" is "Panini UK Ltd". I do not know if there was ever a U.S. edition. I purchased this second-hand from an Australian seller.

Story Details

  Spider-Man Stick & Lift (Panini UK)
Summary: Stickers with play-scenes (not collectible stickers)
Publisher: Panini Publishing

The book is large at 8¾"x 10¾". It has a glossy staple-bound cover. Printed cover price is £2.99.

Inside are 16 glossy play-scene pages making 2x single-page scenes and 7x double-page scenes. Each has a text description to help fire your imagination.

In addition are the two sheets of stickers making a total of 30 different characters, plus a few projectiles, webbing, tentacles, and sound-effects. The stickers can (apparently) be pulled-out, placed into the scene, then replaced for later re-use.

General Comments

The art sort of has a Spider-Man TV (1994) feel to it, which isn't surprising given the year of publication.

The background scenes are very attractive. The colors are great, and they are interesting without being cluttered.

Overall Rating

Attractive and reasonably-priced. Four Webs.

 Posted: May 2020
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)