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Credits for Panini Publishing on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Marvel Collectible Sticker Albums

Year 1986 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Sticker Album (Panini) (Publisher)

Marvel Heroes Annual (UK)

2006-2017 All Issues (Publisher)

Marvel Promo (Misc)

Year 2010 Marvel Heroes Exclusive Collector's Edition (UK Promo) (Publisher)

Marvel Reprints (Panini UK)

Oct 2008 All Issues (Publisher)

Spider-Man Annual (UK Movie)

Year 2007 Spider-Man 3 (The Movie) 2008 Official Annual (Story 1) (Publisher)

Spider-Man Annual (UK)

Year 2005 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2005 (Publisher)
Year 2006 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2006 (Publisher)
Year 2007 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2007 (Publisher)
Year 2009 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2009 (Publisher)
Year 2010 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2010 (Publisher)
Year 2011 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2011 (Publisher)
Year 2012 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2012 (Publisher)
Year 2012 Spider-Man Vintage Annual (UK) (Publisher)
Year 2013 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2013 (Publisher)
Year 2014 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2014 (Publisher)
Year 2015 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2015 (Publisher)

Spider-Man Collectible Sticker Albums

Year 1995 Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Panini Sticker Album) (Publisher)
Year 1996 Spider-Man Sticker Book: The Insidious Six (Publisher)
Jun 2004 Spider-Man 2: The Movie (Panini Sticker Album) (Publisher)
Jun 2007 Spider-Man 3: The Movie (Panini Sticker Album) (Publisher)
Year 2009 Spider-Sense Spider-Man Panini Sticker Album (Publisher)
Year 2012 Amazing Spider-Man Movie Panini Sticker Album (Publisher)
Year 2014 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Panini Sticker Album (Publisher)
Year 2014 Panini Ultimate Spider-Man Sticker Album (Publisher)

Spider-Man Color/Activity (Panini)

Year 1996 Spider-Man Stick & Lift (Panini UK) (Publisher)
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