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Credits for Panini Publishing on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Marvel Promo (Misc)

Year 2010 Marvel Heroes Exclusive Collector's Edition (UK Promo) (Publisher)

Marvel Reprints (Panini UK)

Oct 2008 All Issues (Publisher)

Marvel Super Heroes Annual (UK)

Year 2006 Marvel Super Heroes Annual (UK) 2006 (Publisher)
Year 2007 Marvel Super Heroes Annual (UK) 2007 (Publisher)
Year 2008 Marvel Super Heroes Annual (UK) 2008 (Publisher)
Year 2009 Marvel Super Heroes Annual (UK) 2009 (Publisher)
Year 2010 Marvel Heroes Annual (UK) 2010 (Publisher)
Year 2011 Marvel Heroes Annual (UK) 2011 (Publisher)
Year 2012 Marvel Heroes Annual (UK) 2012 (Publisher)
Year 2013 Marvel Heroes Annual (UK) 2013 (Publisher)
Year 2014 Marvel Heroes Annual (UK) 2014 (Publisher)
Year 2015 Marvel Heroes Annual (UK) 2015 (Publisher)

Spider-Man Annual (UK)

Year 2005 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2005 (Publisher)
Year 2006 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2006 (Publisher)
Year 2007 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2007 (Publisher)
Year 2009 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2009 (Publisher)
Year 2010 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2010 (Publisher)
Year 2011 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2011 (Publisher)
Year 2012 Spider-Man Vintage Annual (UK) (Publisher)
Year 2012 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2012 (Publisher)
Year 2013 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2013 (Publisher)
Year 2014 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2014 (Publisher)
Year 2015 Spider-Man Annual (UK) 2015 (Publisher)

Spider-Man Annuals (UK Movie)

Year 2007 Spider-Man 3 (The Movie) 2008 Official Annual (Story 1) (Publisher)

Spider-Man Collectible Sticker Albums

Year 1986 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Sticker Album (Panini) (Publisher)
Year 1995 Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Panini Sticker Album) (Publisher)
Year 1996 Spider-Man Sticker Book: The Insidious Six (Publisher)
Jun 2004 Spider-Man 2: The Movie (Panini Sticker Album) (Publisher)
Jun 2007 Spider-Man 3: The Movie (Panini Sticker Album) (Publisher)
Year 2009 Spider-Sense Spider-Man Panini Sticker Album (Publisher)
Year 2012 Amazing Spider-Man Movie Panini Sticker Album (Publisher)
Year 2014 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Panini Sticker Album (Publisher)
Year 2014 Panini Ultimate Spider-Man Sticker Album (Publisher)

Spider-Man Color/Activity (Panini)

Year 1996 Spider-Man Stick & Lift (Panini UK) (Publisher)
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