Amazing Spider-Man: Carry-Along Movie Tie-In Colouring Set (Alligator)

 Posted: Sep 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Alligator is a UK-only publishing brand which occasionally produces original Marvel and Spider-Man colouring and activity products.

I have previously reviewed a similar Amazing Spider-Man: Carry-Along Colouring Set (Alligator) produced in 2010 by these guys. Now I'm looking at the 2012 Amazing Spider-Man Movie re-release.

Story Details

First the physical details. There is a pad of 64 white paper sheets, each 4.5" x 5". Behind the pad is a cardboard compartment holding the crayons. Despite the generous size of the compartment, most of the contents is just filler, and there are only five small crayons inside (Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, Blue).

The 64 pages of the pad are black and white artwork featuring images clearly generated from the same source as all the other 2012 movie tie-in colouring books. Around half of the pages are mostly blank, and feature only a line-art border. Some feature a Spider-Man pose, but only Spider-Man, no other characters and no background details. A few feature a maze, or a simple puzzle.

General Comments

This book says it contains "Over 60 pages of colouring fun!"

But honestly, I really do expect a colouring book to contain artwork with outlines that you can colour in. But as I mentioned, HALF of these pages are essentially blank, with some generic borders around them. How does that make a colouring page? This is fundamentally misleading.

Not that the few pages with art work are that much better to be honest. Like all the 2012 movie tie-in artwork, the Spider-Man drawings are just... strange and wrong.

Overall Rating

"Rip-Off Britain" strikes again.

These guys get half a web. If there was any justice, they would get six days in prison to go with it.

 Posted: Sep 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)