Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #287

Story '...And There Shall Come A Reckoning'

Deciding that the town is safer with the Kingpin in place, the master criminal is being provided with police protection on his return trip to New York City. Peter Parker is given the information by Ned Leeds, who thinks a photographer should be on the scene. Peter reminds Ned that they haven't exactly been friends lately. "Oh, that..." says Leeds. "I've been under a lot of pressure lately...Betty and I splitting up and all...But you've always been all right in my book!"

Spider-Man intercepts the Kingpin's motorcade, and forces a confrontation. All is not as it seems, however; recognizing something different about the Kingpin's face, Spider-Man rips it off and finds underneath: "DareDevil! In a fat suit!" The two fight, with DareDevil trying to tell Spider-Man that the right thing is not always the easy thing. The fight is tracked by a police sniper, who fires when he gets a clear shot. DareDevil's radar sense picks up the bullet, allowing him to intercept it with his billy club. The fight ends, with DareDevil giving Spider-Man one more unappealing little fact: by interfering with the motorcade, he has given it a sense of realism that frightened off other would-be attackers.

At the Kingpin's skyscraper, a garish figure swoops down on the disembarking Kingpin. "Forgive the intrusion! Time is of the essence!"

The Kingpin is impressed, and exchanges packages with the Hobgoblin. Inside the skyscraper, Fisk explains to the Arranger that the Hobgoblin contacted him in Europe, offering him the name of the Rose in exchange for information on Soviet operatives during the cold war. He hands the package just received from the Hobgoblin to the Arranger. "Incinerate it unopened. The information is useless to me. I already know who the Rose is! And, very soon, I shall use that knowledge to destroy him!"