Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #286

Story 'Thy Father's Son'

While Peter wonders if he has prolonged the Gang War by saving some of the gang bosses, the police set a trap. Hiding outside the designated place for a treaty meeting, they watch as the Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern charge in to double check security. Across town, another meeting is scheduled, but one of its participants is late. Spider-Man crossly decides to give DareDevil a few more minutes before leaving.

Spotting one of the police officers, two hoods deliberately blow up the El under him. The resulting fire whips through the neighborhood. Hearing that the fires are accompanied by gunfire, Spider-Man hitches a ride with the police. Jack O'Lantern urges Hobgoblin to clear out and the Rose, pinned by gunfire, calls for help. The Hobgoblin is annoyed; "I am not your lackey!"; but starts to go to rescue the Rose. He catches sight of Spider-Man. "Here's our chance, Jack O'Lantern!"

"Our chance?!" sputters Jack. "Our chance for what?"

"To kill the accursed arachnid!"

But Jack is having none of it. "Spider-Man's one of the toughest guys around! I don't take him on solo for anybody!" And the Hobgoblin is left alone with Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is in no mood for fighting. "It's never been more clear that you're not Flash Thompson...Look around you, Hobgoblin!...Innocents are suffering! They need help! Find someone else to fight! I'm gonna help those people! If you want to kill me that bad, now's your chance!" And he turns his back on his arch enemy and swings away. Gritting his teeth, the Hobgoblin lets him go.