Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #253

 Posted: 2009


Life is never easy and this is something that the amazing Spider-Man knows all too well. The newest adversary to bear the guise of a goblin has occupied a great deal of his time. Peter has recently dropped out of graduate school to focus more on photography. While fighting along-side his fellow super heroes on the Beyonder's world, he brought back a slick new costume that responds to his thoughts, which is actually far more than it appears, but Spidey doesn't know that. Yet. And now he's about to meet the Rose for the very first time.

Story 'By Myself, Betrayed!'

Peter's latest assignment is taking photo's of a football game and the journalist that he's working with, Wendy Thorton, is not the least bit shy about getting on Peter's case for not paying attention to the pigskin game. While snapping pics, Peter bumps into Tony Nesters, a student that Peter taught in grad-school. The game end's with the Mammoth's star quarterback Ray Nesters, botching the receiving end of a Hail Marry pass.

After the game, Ray and Tony go back to their apartment and Ray lies to get rid of his younger brother. We then learn that Ray lost the game on purpose because he's on the take from some guy who calls himself the Rose. The Rose's thugs tell Ray that there will be even more money in it for him if he fumbles next week's game. Ray's had enough of throwing games and he wants out, but the Rose's stooges are packing heat to go along with their threats. Defeated, Ray goes back to his place. Tony tries to see what's bothering Ray, but Ray tells him to back off.

At May Parker's household, Peter is helping his aunt clean up after dinner and he finally decides to tell her that he's quit graduate school. This news nearly destroys her. Later, Peter does his usual round of web-slinging, but it doesn't seem to be helping him unwind. He can't believe how his aunt reacted since she's normally for whatever he decides to do with his life. And then there's his ever-increasingly rocky relationship with the Black Cat. He's still int the dark about the Cat's deal with he Kingpin to give her bad luck powers.

Down at the Bugle, Peter is late for his meeting with Robbie and since Peter is already on thin ice, that really does nothing to help matters. Robbie informs Peter that he needs to shape up because he's not the only freelancer around. As luck would have it, Peter is the only photographer available and Wendy needs someone to go with her to take background photo's for her interview with Ray Nesters.

As Ray walks in the door of his pad, he finds that the place is mess and Tony is nowhere to be found. There's a note on the table sitting next to a rose. Just as Peter and Wendy are about to meet with Ray, he comes racing past them. Looks like the interview will be delayed.

Spidey follows Ray's car to one of the Rose's warehouses to get Tony back. It doesn't take long for the Rose's men to gang up on Ray. In one of those nick of time moments, Spider-Man comes crashing in through a window. During the confusion, the Rose takes this as his opportunity to escape, but Spidey quickly catches up. Taking advantage of Spidey's sentimentality, the Rose causes a stack of crates to fall on Ray, thus assuring his escape. Spidey does mange to get both Ray and Tony out of harm's way, but unless something is done, the Rose will never butt out of Ray's life.

Knowing of only one thing to do, Ray goes through with the interview with Wendy, telling her everything. Wendy tells Peter that this wasn't the interview she had in mind, but she's satisfied. She expresses surprise at Ray's action, stating that he threw so much of his life away, unknowingly echoing what aunt May thinks Peter is doing with his life by quitting school.

General Comments

The second issue of Amazing Spider-Man with the black suit and it does not disappoint!

Peter dropped out of school in ASM #243. It's taken him quiet a few issues to tell aunt May. Did he really hold back on this because he didn't think she'd approve? At the risk of being the bad guy here, this is Peter's life to do what he wishes with. He's a grown man, capable of making his own decisions, even if this one may be pretty bad. It could be argued that Maty's reaction was a little over the top, but she's clearly a woman that care's deeply for her nephew's college career.

With Ray Nesters, we're shown what the consequences of a bad decision can be. Not only is he facing jail time, but he probably chucked his whole football career in the toilet. He not only let his family and his teammates down, he let himself down as well.

Overall Rating

It may not be on par with ASM#252 or get nearly as much praise, but this was still a highly enjoyable issue with some cool artwork. This one gets four webs from me.

 Posted: 2009