Spider-Man Adventures #15

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)


Here's a Spider-Man story from the Spider-Man Adventures kids comic book that adapted stories from the 1990's TV Series.

Story 'Jungle Stalkings'

The Lizard is attacking a village on the Eastern Coast of Brazil where all the villagers are fleeing in terror. The Lizard now claims this village his! Meanwhile at Kennedy Airport in New York J. Jonah Jameson is driving Peter to his the airport for his Bugle assignment. (I think Peter is photographing a Neogenic conference? It doesn't really say that much about what he's ACTUALLY doing in Brazil) After a send off by his Aunt May, MJ and Felicia Peter is on the plane! Meanwhile, the Lizard is trying to make a formula to keep him in his Lizard state and turn the whole of the jungle into giant reptiles but then gets annoyed when he thinks of his family. He decides to turn his wife and son into reptiles also. Another scene change to Peter's hotel where Peter overhears two men talking about Dr. Curt Conners; Peter's professor (and also the Lizard). He landed at the airport but never checked into the hotel! Then, the man who is carrying his bags tells Pete that there was stories of a Lizard like man stalking the Jungle: of course Peter is suspicious.

Minutes later, Peter has changed into Spider-Man and is searching the jungle for the Lizard (because Peter has an idea that Conners is the Lizard again). Spidey see's Lizard and they fight! Spidey tries desparatly to win but The Lizard is just too strong and Spidey is thrown into a lake while his enemy escapes. Spider-Man eventually comes up to the surface and decides that he can't defeat Lizard one-on-one. He goes to the deserted village that the Lizard took over and breaks into his lab and begins making a formula that should turn The Lizard back into Curt Connors. At that moment, Lizard smashes in but before a fight can begin Spidey forces the formula down The Lizards mouth...then his reptile state begins to dissapear and he is Dr. Connors again! Later, Peter and Connors have a quick chat until the conference starts...while Peter wonders next they meet; will he be Lizard or human?

General Comments

To be honest, I never really liked the Lizard. I thought he was boring. His stories were boring and I and I think you can never really do anything new with him. And this story doesn't make me think of the Lizard any better. The art was okay but not as good as the previous story. But it was't totally bad. I guess the first fight scene was okay and the art was average.

Overall Rating

Boring, and features an overused plot (an army of giant reptiles). Can anyone make a Lizard story that actually impresses me? Please!

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)