Spider-Man Adventures #14

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)


Here's a Spider-Man story from the Spider-Man Adventures kids comic book that adapted stories from the 1990's TV Series.

Story 'Ock Rocks'

It starts off with Doctor Octopus escaping from his high security prison! He easily defeats the guards then breaks through the wall to freedom! And we see at the end a newspaper in the hands of a defeated guard that reads: SUPER HERO PARK TO OPEN TONIGHT!

Scene switch where Peter and Mary Jane are going on a date to the newly opened 'Marvels' Theme Park. They're having fun in such places as Dr. Strange's house of mystery and the Cyclops Cyclone when Doctor Octopus attacks the cyclone while MJ is on it! Peter quickly changes and jumps into action!

Spidey and Doc Ock fight into the house of mirrors and it seems like a stalemate when Spidey jumps into a broken mirror but then somehow appears behind Doc Ock?! Ock shoots a tentacle at Spider-Man but then get kicked in the back! How is Spider-Man in two places at once? Well, Spidey reveals that the one that was behind Doc Ock and Ock tried to attack was really a dummy from the park! If only Ock realised that the Spider-Man he was attacking was strangely still! Oh well, Spider-Man jumps off while the police clear up and Peter and MJ are talking when Pete says he's going to South America on a Bugle assignment. We close with a scene from South America (in the swamps) where the Lizard is plotting revenge!

General Comments

I liked this story even if it was a simple plot. Peter and Spider- Man were both interesting and the art was great. The fight scenes were really action packed and looked fantastic. It may be a younger childrens magazine but I still liked the story.

Overall Rating

This is a great story. Four webs.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Max Lacey (E-Mail)