Spider-Man 2099 (Vol. 1) #29 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


The Corporate Headhunter's attack have left Nightshade in shambles - who makes it out alive?

Story 'Going Out of Business Sale'

Like jackals and vultures, the human race also has scavengers that feed upon the corpses of the defeated. In 2099, the gang of Foragers descend upon the ruins of the company formerly known as Nightshade. While one of their gang attempt to revive some form of robot, their leader, Packrat, directs the convoy of battle-ready vehicles into the town. Xina and Mrs. Pivot worry about their defense against the brigade - and where Miguel and Angela are.

Packrat removes his antique A.I.M. helmet and eyes the unconscious body of Spider- Man holding Angela, wrapped in a web cocoon. Observing Spidey's talons, Packrat surmises he has found the real hero. Angela is apparently dead.

Meanwhile, Tyler Stone visits Dana. Tyler feigns concern for Miguel's disappearance, while Dana admits she and Miguel are no longer a couple. Tyler comforts Dana - they kiss - but Dana pushes him away. He bluffs regret and heads for the door, but Dana reverses and asks him to go to dinner. While she readies herself, Tyler calls his assistant Winston to find Miguel, while he continues to manipulate Dana.

Back at Nightshade, when the Foragers have left, the residents emerge. Mrs. Pivot gives Angela's body a shred of dignity placing her glasses upon her.

At Ballistic Airlines, Gabe and Kasey board a flight for Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival. Gabe feels remorse for perpetuating Kasey's mistaken identity of Gabe as Spider-Man.

The Foragers drive Spidey out of Nightshade and back to their camp. Spidey awakens to a giant TV blaring an old "Mr. Ed" the talking horse episode. When Spidey tells Packrat he has to go, he's given two choices: fight his way home, or try to revive "Junior". Junior, a blank faced robot, scans Spider-Man. It finds two possible identities that match Spidey's appearance: the original Spider-Man and Venom. Merging the two, Junior adapts a blended identity, calling himself Flipside. He appears to attack Spidey, but playfully hops into his arms, declaring he's going to be his best friend...or else!

General Comments

I find the artwork of Joe St. Pierre is growing on me, especially the splash page, Tyler's Mojo-like grin, and the whole layout on page 16 between Xina cradling Angela's lifeless body, and Spidey strung out on the twin lances as the road warriors head home. The story was all too brief, once again cut short of substance by Young Miguel's inclusion in the backup story.

Overall Rating

Improving, but annoyingly truncated. Three webs.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)