Spider-Man 2099 #29 (Story 2)


The story of Young Miguel continues in the back pages of Spider-Man 2099.

Story 'Young Miguel O'Hara in "Brotherly Hate"'

Kron has young Miguel up against the showerroom wall, holding a knife to him. This is Miguel's one fight of his youth. Mig turns on the shower and charges the stunned Kron. The knife is dropped, but Kron gets a punch in - and another, and another. Angela discovers the brat and lifts him off the ground by his hair, and swats him away. With her back turned to survey Miguel's injuries, Kron launches at her with a bat. Angela is too quick and inflicts unseen punishment upon him, delivering a hairline fracture to his arm. Kron says his daddy will take care of this, but Angela smirks doubtfully. Asking Miguel how Kron broke his arm, Miguel replies that he slipped in the shower, of course!

General Comments

Stiff stuff, wooden poses, mixed with a morsel of plot equals 1 web and little interest.

Overall Rating

Forgettable stuff.