Morbius: The Living Vampire (Vol. 2) #8

 Posted: Sep 2013
 Staff: Cody Wilson (E-Mail)


Last issue, Nikoleta Harrow, a boring lady with an electric glove or something hired by the Rose, teleported with Morbius to a theater that he had been living in after confronting him. Then, she set off an Ultimate Nullifier and supposedly blew up Brownsville. Also, Morbius has a new costume and...really, if you want to know (which you most likely don't) than you can just go to my review for the last issue. It hurts my mind to think this hard about things I have buried deep in my mind for my own emotional well-being.

Story Details

  Morbius: The Living Vampire (Vol. 2) #8
Summary: Morbius vs. Rose
Editor: Sana Amanat
Editorial Assistant: Devin Lewis
Writer: Joe Keatinge
Artist: Richard Elson
Cover Art: David Lopez
Lettering: VC's Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Antonio Fabela

Years ago, in Nafplio, Greece, Morbius' mom confronts his father when he returns home one day. She tells him to leave because he is putting them in danger. He complies, but mentions that he has "big plans." (I will remind you that he is involved in the Rose's whole operation to manipulate Morbius into destroying Brownsville.)

Now, in real times, Becky watches as the abandoned movie theater suffers from what looks like an earthquake. Ultimate Nullifier was detonated inside. An Ultimate Nullifier! The thing that blows up everything! Did I miss something?! Outside, the Rose is also watching in helicopter, happy with himself.

Morbius, who looks good as new, climbs from the wreckage of the explosion, and Becky races up to assist him. Once Morbius forces her to leave immediately, Nikoleta Harrow (sadly) pulls herself from the ruins, unharmed too. The two start fighting again... Well, it's not really a fight because Morbius practically sits there while Nikoleta whoops him with her stupid electric gloves.

While beating him up, Nikoleta reveals that she knew the whole time that the Ultimate Nullifier was just a Level 1 type. So there are levels of Nullifiers now? What? Why would there need to be Ultimate Nullifier types? It's only reason for existence is to NULLIFY! Not Level 1 nullify! How stupid!

Anyways, Nikoleta beats up Morbius and leaves because her job is done. She says, "Unfortunately, I doubt we'll see much of each other again." Thank god! Becky runs back into the building and assistances Morbius out. She convinces him that he isn't alone and he has helped people.

Later, Morbius, Becky, and Wanda discuss some type of plan and Morbius reveals that he has "big plans." On a nearby rooftop, Rose, making small-talk with his masked assistant, says he has been entertained by Morbius as a pawn, but knows it's time for the endgame. Then, he completely nullifies the theater, but is obviously angry when he finds that Brownsville is empty and "chaos isn't reigning" from the destruction.

In the underground passage to Monstropolis, the people of Brownsville are protected from the nullification by the Midnight Sons. Wanda, Henry, and Becky all make conversation with the monster, and the banter, though it is brief, is actually amusing, which surprises me from Keatinge's usual flat dialogue.

Outside, near the wreckage of the theater, Rose spots Morbius waving at him on a rooftop from his helicopter. When his helicopter is flown down, he jumps out and instructs his henchwoman to leave. Morbius and Rose have a brief battle, which ends with the Rose detonating the Ultimate Nullifier in Morbius' direction.

General Comments

Yeah, I will admit that while this issue isn't good (or even mediocre), it is quickly better than the last two issues. The dialogue especially has dramatically improved since the last issue. I was particularly pleased with Rose's egomaniacal discourse, as useless as it is, and the whole part with Morbius' supporting cast and the Midnight sons was pretty entertaining. While on the topic, I enjoyed the fact that the Midnight Sons were introduced into the story. I haven't read a single issue with them in it before this, but they look interesting.

Now I will list my complaints that all three of you reading my review have been waiting for. This whole issue felt like one plot device after another. Firstly, Morbius' house is destroyed, which seems to be expected in every conclusion of a series or storyline. Then, Mobius is beaten nearly to death and Becky has to give him a pep talk for him to continue, which pretty much resembles Mary Jane's position in Spider-Man stories. After this is the turning point in the story: where the antagonist is humiliated. This occurs when the Rose finds that Brownsville is unpopulated after his final strike on the city. Finally, Morbius gains a strange out-of-character confidence which helps him in his battle with the Rose, which seems to happen before every character’s final climatic battle.

I think the main problem with this issue is that I have no emotional connection to anything about it. I don't care about Becky, Wanda, and Henry's well-being because I was just introduced to them seven issues ago and they have shown up rarely throughout this short run. I have no reason to feel anything but annoyance when the abandoned movie theater is destroyed because it has been used as a minor element in the run. I know it's supposed to symbolize the destruction of Morbius' world, but I felt nothing. Most of all, (and this may be evil) I don't even care about Morbius. At this point, I would rather he died than suffered being in this series any longer. He has been written with a weak personality and I have grown tired of hearing him complaining about himself. Plus, the Rose and Becky have bigger roles in the whole situation.

In case you didn't notice in my reviews, I was extremely angered by the follow-up of the cliffhanger of the last issue. The fact that there is such a thing as a Level 1 Ultimate Nullifier is so ridiculous, it’s comical. This moment may have ruined the whole thing for me. Plus, I felt cheated when Morbius and Harrow left the nullification completely unharmed.

Although I am leaving Elson's art for last, it is quickly the best part of the book. I am happy to see he returned for the last two issues. Finally, Keatinge is using him correctly and giving him some action sequences. I must admit that Elson drew one awesome battle between the Rose and Morbius and the Midnight Sons looked great. Sadly, Fabela's colors are a bit over-the-top and glossy in some parts of the book, but it doesn't really affect the art.

Overall Rating

One web for the art and one separate web for the dialogue and Masters of Evil's inclusion in the story.

 Posted: Sep 2013
 Staff: Cody Wilson (E-Mail)