Morbius: The Living Vampire (Vol. 2) #7

 Posted: Jul 2013
 Staff: Cody Wilson (E-Mail)


Let's see if I remember last issue... Oh yeah. Morbius and Spider-Man had their butts handed to them by the worst villain I've seen since Big Wheel, Nikoleta Harrow. Apparently, the Rose has hired her and they are going to blow up Brownsville. Hopefully they will accomplish their goal so I won't have to remember this series at all...

Story Details

  Morbius: The Living Vampire (Vol. 2) #7
Summary: Brownsville Nullified! - Superior Spider-Man Guest-Stars
Editor: Sana Amanat
Writer: Joe Keatinge
Artist: Felix Ruiz, Valentine De Landro
Cover Art: David Lopez
Lettering: VC's Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Antonio Fabela

Let's get this over with and make it as short as humanly possible...

Morbius gets a new suit, and goes to find Nikoleta with Spidey. They locate and fight her and she teleports to the abandoned theater with Morbius. Then, the Rose, using the Ultimate Nullifier, blows up Brownsville with Harrow and Morbius at the epicenter of the explosion.

Darn, that's three sentences more than I wish it was.

General Comments

This issue was crap. It was so bad that I don't even want to spend ten minutes on this review. Usually, I spend 5-7 hours on my reviews to make them detailed, but I hate this issue. In fact, I hate this whole series! Keatinge's writing is uninspired, the dialogue sucks, and the art is just plain bad. There's no saving grace about this series. Once this crap is cancelled, I hope Keatinge stays as far away from Spidey as possible. Hopefully, this whole thing will be revealed to be a dream at the end so it isn't mentioned in continuity when Morbius' inevitable return happens.

Overall Rating

Is anybody even reading this series anymore? Hopefully not.


Two issues left... Forty whole pages... Then, I won't have to see Morbius for at least a year...

 Posted: Jul 2013
 Staff: Cody Wilson (E-Mail)