Avengers Assemble! Meet the Team (Ultimate Sticker Book, DK)

 Posted: Nov 2012
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This book is a cut-down edition of its much larger predecessor, the chunky Avengers Assemble! (Ultimate Sticker Collection, DK).

Story Details

Front-on, this 250 sticker version shares the same 8.5" x 11" physical dimensions as its larger brother, but it has far fewer pages. Specifically, instead of 32 pages of character info there are 16, and instead of 32 sheets of stickers there are only 8.

DK commonly does this, offering 1000 sticker and 250 sticker variants of its sticker books with content duplicated between them, as follows:

  • Small Book A: [Illustrations A] + [Stickers A].
  • Small Book B: [Illustrations B] + [Stickers B].
  • Large Book: [Illustrations A] + [Illustrations B] + [Stickers A] * 2 + [Stickers B] * 2.

The only twist is, this time there's no Small Book B.

Unfortunately for Spider-Fans, the web-slinger is one of the major victims of this unusual cutback. His two-page profile from the original full-sized version is entirely gone. Also gone are his starring-role stickers, leaving him with just a few minor cameo appearances in group stickers and the 1/2" square mini-stickers.

General Comments

In summary, this book has half the profiles and only a quarter of the stickers - with Spider-Man's content absent.

Of course the price has been reduced accordingly, although it's hard to compare the prices of the two versions effectively. This is because the larger book seems to be aimed at the U.S. market, with a printed RRP of US$12.99, while the smaller book is a UK alternative selling for a RRP of GBP£4.99.

However, since Amazon is currently selling the larger book for US$6.49 (as at November 2012), then I can't see why anybody would settle for the baby version.

Overall Rating

Despite displaying the same high-quality production values, this reduced-sized UK variant just doesn't pack the punch of its super-sized sibling, and I'm going to have to downgrade its rating accordingly.

This one gets an under-powered two-and-a-half webs.

Seriously, if you're going to buy an Avengers DK sticker book, I do recommend you spend the extra and get the jumbo-sized U.S. version.

 Posted: Nov 2012
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)