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Credits for DK Publishing, Inc. on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Books (Creating Comics)

Jan 2006 You Can Draw Marvel Characters (Publisher)

Books (Encyclopedia & Guides)

Oct 2001 Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide (Publisher)
Oct 2006 Marvel Encyclopedia (DK) (Publisher)
Mar 2007 Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide (Updated) (Publisher)
Year 2008 Marvel Chronicle: A Year By Year History (Publisher)
Oct 2009 Marvel Encyclopedia (DK, Revised 2009) (Publisher)
Oct 2010 Marvel Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide (DK, 2010) (Publisher)
Apr 2012 Spider-Man: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero (Publisher)
Oct 2012 Spider-Man Chronicle: Celebrating 50 Years of Web-Slinging (Publisher)
Aug 2013 Marvel Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle (Updated and Expanded) (Publisher)
Mar 2014 Marvel Encyclopedia (DK, Revised 2014) (Publisher)
Mar 2014 Spider-Man Character Encyclopedia (DK) (Publisher)
Mar 2015 Marvel Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide (DK, Revised 2015) (Publisher)

Marvel Books (DK Readers)

Sep 2001 Spider-Man's Amazing Powers (Publisher)
Sep 2001 The Story of Spider-Man (Publisher)
Mar 2006 Spider-Man: The Amazing Story (Publisher)
Mar 2006 Spider-Man: Worst Enemies (Publisher)
Jan 2010 The Invincible Iron Man: Friends & Enemies (Publisher)
Apr 2012 Avengers: The World's Mightiest Super Hero Team (Publisher)

Marvel Color/Activity (DK)

Oct 2005 Spider-Man: Ultimate Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
Mar 2006 Spider-Man: Glow in the Dark Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
Mar 2006 Marvel Heroes: Ultimate Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
Jul 2006 Marvel Heroes: Glow in the Dark Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
Aug 2007 Marvel Heroes: Second Grade Math Made Easy (DK) (Publisher)
Aug 2007 Marvel Heroes: Fourth Grade Math Made Easy (DK) (Publisher)
Jun 2009 Spider-Sense Spider-Man Ultimate Sticker Collection (DK) (Publisher)
Dec 2011 Avengers Assemble! (Ultimate Sticker Collection, DK) (Publisher)
Jan 2012 Avengers Assemble! Meet the Team (Ultimate Sticker Book, DK) (Publisher)
May 2012 Spider-Man Amazing Adventures: Ultimate Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
May 2012 Spider-Man World of the Web-Slinger: Ultimate Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
Apr 2012 Spider-Man: Ultimate Sticker Collection (DK, 2012) (Publisher)
Sep 2013 Ultimate Avengers Sticker Book Collection (Publisher)
Sep 2013 Avengers Foes (Mini Ultimate Sticker Book, DK) (Publisher)
Sep 2013 Avengers All (Mini Ultimate Sticker Book, DK) (Publisher)
Sep 2013 Meet The Avengers (Mini Ultimate Sticker Book, DK) (Publisher)
Year 2014 Avengers Foes (Ultimate Sticker Book, DK) (Publisher)
Mar 2014 Marvel: Villains Beware Ultimate Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
Mar 2014 Marvel Super Battles Ultimate Sticker Book (DK) (Publisher)
Mar 2014 Ultimate Sticker Collection: Marvel Heroes Unite! (DK) (Publisher)
Apr 2014 Spider-Man Ultimate Factivity Collection (DK) (Publisher)

Marvel Color/Activity (Funfax/DK)

Jun 2004 Spider-Man 2: Funfile (Funfax/DK) (Publisher)
Year 2007 The Amazing Spider-Man: Funfile (Funfax/DK) (Publisher)

Spider-Man Books (Movie Guide)

Mar 2007 Spider-Man: The Visual Guide to the Complete Movie Trilogy (Publisher)
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