Marvel Heroes Extreme Look & Find

 Posted: Aug 2015
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This book is an amalgam of three previous "Look and Find" books.

Really? Three books in one? How can that be possible?

Story Details

  Marvel Heroes Extreme Look & Find
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
See Original Credits, plus...
Publisher: Publications International Ltd.
Reprints: Look & Find The Amazing Spider-Man
Reprints: Look & Find The Invincible Iron Man
Reprints: Look & Find The Marvel Heroes

The standard "Look & Find" format applies. 10" x 12", hardback, 20 pages.

The major difference is that the former double-page spreads have been crushed down to 2 per page. I.e. content that previously would have spread over four pages is now compacted to a single page.

All of which explains the magnifying glass provided on the cover of this book!

The other difference is that some of the pictures from the previous Look & Find The Marvel Heroes has been further adapted into a "Spot the Differences Format". Several of the original images are reproduced twice, with differences for you to find, as well as spotting the hidden objects.

General Comments

The original Look & Find books have been popular for years, and are a tried-and-tested format.

So how to improve it? Well, the books are pretty slim on content, right? So how to get more in there? It's simple, right? Just shrink everything and add a magnifying glass... NOT!

The obvious answer surely was just to extend the page count! The original books are only 20 pages. Why not just bump this one to 60 pages and concatenate all three of the previous books? It would probably have cost the same price in the end, since you save the cost of bundling a magnifying glass in every book!

Overall Rating

Too Small! Two Webs!

 Posted: Aug 2015
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)