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Credits for Publications International Ltd. on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Marvel Books (Look & Find)

Year 1992 Look & Find The Amazing Spider-Man (Publisher)
Jul 2009 Spider-Man & Friends (First Look & Find) (Publisher)
Feb 2014 Marvel Heroes Extreme Look & Find (Publisher)

Marvel Books (Story Reader Audio)

Year 2006 The Amazing Spider-Man: House Call (Story Reader) (Publisher)

Spider-Man Electronic Audio Books

Year 2002 Amazing Spider-Man: Follow That Spider (Play-a-Sound) (Publisher)
Oct 2009 Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Snapshots (Play-a-Sound) (Publisher)
Jan 2010 Spider-Sense Spider-Man: Super Villain Showdown (Publisher)
Mar 2012 Amazing Spider-Man: (Play-a-Sound, 2012) (Publisher)
Jul 2012 Spider-Sense Spider-Man (Play-a-Sound) (Publisher)
Sep 2014 Spider-Man: Spectacular Spider-Powers (Publisher)
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